Sunday, April 19, 2009

The nastiest "democratic" government is?

I have been thinking about this topic for some time now and it is actually really hard since all countries are different, cultures vary and different decades have each their challenges and hardships.

What I’m getting at is the next poll I’m having. It is about the worst government in history. Since there are a lot of them, I need to have some kind of censorship. Consequently this is only about the “democratic” ones. Basically the last 100 years or so of “democratic” governments which rules out the really horrifying ones.

I really wanted a Swedish government on this list, but even though they all have been terrible, none of them really scales the heights of the others. We Swedes have had a more equally bad idiocy over time, but never really anything as bad as the four choices below. The social democrats that more or less have ruled Sweden for 90years have been horrid in many ways, but they also manage to keep most things working. Slowly but surely the ever increasing socialism have been terrible and has turned my home country into a dark pit of stupidity, but the Swedish “democratic” left never abandoned democracy. I almost included the WW II government for giving in to Hitler, but in many other ways that government was one of the better ones. The only Swedish Government close to make it to this list, despite being economically sound and not so bad in other ways, is the current government. This because of all the creepy laws of surveillance and fascism they are throwing around and they still have some way to go so they might end up here in the future.

These to me are the four worst ones, I might have left someone out but this is a subject list, if you do not like it, don’t vote and get the hell away from here or leave your mark and tell me how stupid I am.

Obama 2009-apocalyps (USA)
A couple of years from now, this guy and his Marxists followers would win this with a landslide. Although not primarily responsible for the dire predicament US is in, they are doing everything they can to worsen the situation. Going 890mp/h towards communism and a debt beyond all belief they really should win this, but as said, not really in the game just yet which makes it hard to make a real judgment. There are a lot of rumors floating around about banning of Obama-negative books, creating of “jugend” clubs and so on. We shall see were all this leads to, but just looking at what we really know; the economics of these complete morons earns them a dung smelling spot among the other candidates.

Labour 1997-2010 (UK)
Filled with pretty much the worst scum of the universe and with a current leader that would probably win this contest if it was about ugliest Prime Minister, it is hard not to feel disgust and contempt for this bunch. They have also ruined an entire nation like hardly anyone ever has done before. Add to this the constant appearing scandals and their inapt thinking in pretty much every single department they just haft to be on this list. Notice I already know that they are going away at the latest next year, maybe sooner if they keep going the same way. If I was British my vote would certainly go here, but in comparison with the others maybe not?

Roosevelt 1933-1945 (USA)
It is hard to calculate how many people suffered and died because of the “new deal”, but the staggering idiocy of this government should have earn them a Nobel peace prize. And this was really the first big step towards Americas decline, besides a couple of years here and there, it has been downhill since these maniacs. Many historians (Keynesian socialists) believe that Roosevelt actually saved America, which is the worst kind of leftie revisionism you can find. Only Iranian dictators and skin-heads ignoring the holocaust plus communists ignoring the Gulag and Pol-Pot’s funnies can top that kind of madness. Without a doubt this government is one of “democratic” history’s worst murderers and if it wasn’t for the pretty good way they handled WW II this government should almost win this, but is it enough to top this list?

Germany 1933-1945 (GER)
Yes, Hitler was elected. People voted for socialist scumbags back then to, just as they do today. History never seems to learn us anything. But this is mainly for the first couple of years (the really legal ones) after that it is hard to put a democratic stamp on these guys, so try to ignore the World War and instead focused on the more domestic policies. Even if some strange people thinks that Hitler did some good at the start, it is hard to see how doubling taxes, collectivizing and monitoring all German citizen with an apparatus that can only be compared to ACTA, IPRED and similar fascist stuff that is going on today, as doing a good thing. He also manipulated the German currency in order to “hide” the growing debt with the long term solution of using other countries Gold and assets to pay for it later. We all know what this eventually got us, but try to set that aside and look at the more “democratic” years. Sure they might be regarded as evil incarnated, but as bad as the rest of the idiots on this list? In all fairness to the others, these ones should win, but maybe not if we are only looking at what they did inside Germany?


  1. If you call Hitler's government after the seizure of power democratic you might as well call Stalin's regime or the Iranian ayatollahs' regime democratic.

  2. Voted into office and every change they did in the start was completly "democratic". To some extent I agree with you, but when does the democratic government really go over to being not democratic anymore? The fact that Hitler and his socialist party was elected according to we would regard as democracy and since they also imposed their socialism all over accoring to the "rules" it is hard to see were they did something wrong. Can you?

  3. thanx for posting this site. ppl think i'm crazy if i say anything bad about the untid states government and our so called great president but it does have a small ring of hitler to it. i'm really sad for our country and do know that morons do not learn from past history. i don't know how long i will be able to openly speak my mind. i feel that is coming to and end.