Sunday, April 19, 2009

WWF scam? Let’s kill some Tigers

Apparently Tiger is going extinct according to World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). In a couple of Swedish newspapers they have ads asking for help and for humans to “adopt” one of these murderess creatures. Let’s put aside all the money those ads most cost and the complete idiocy of playing God and not letting these man-killers go away. Instead let’s take a look at the scam itself. If you click on one of those Swedish ads they are merely asking for your donation but according the site only 3500 tigers are left in the world. Interesting enough, visiting the English equivalent they are talking about 5000-7000 tigers left, both talking about wild tigers, so there is no real misunderstanding. And checking around the numbers goes up or down depending on which site you are on, but not a single one is lower than 5000, so what are they doing? A scam? No way… not WWF… that has in no way happened before…

And while being at the English site checking how to “adopt” I noticed that they offer you gifts depending on how much you give. At the lowest level of $25 you get a photo of one killer together with an ‘adoption certification’. At the highest $250 you get a Framed Certificate with a Photo together with some Giant Plush. It does not however tell you if you can get a picture of some slaughtered victim torn into pieces. I do think a young girl around 6 years half eaten would go great with that Giant Plush, but that’s just me.

What we should be doing is of course kill them off. I see no point whatsoever keeping these creatures around other than for our amusement. They are kind of pretty and on the prowl hunting for some humans they are beautiful. And locking some animals up in a closed space so we can watch them do nothing is also kind of entertaining. But just keeping some useless animal around for our amusement isn’t really nice, so let’s kill them instead.


  1. Wow. You really are an idiotic person.

    And btw the numbers vary because of the metric system!

    (That was joke. I was trying to lighten the fact that I called you an idiot. I don't know why though, seeing as you really are a fucking imbecile.)

  2. Thanks! And please hug Frank from me!

  3. Frank refused to accept your hug, but says that he can not stop reading your blog because, despite some very provoking (read: fucked up) opinions, there are some interesting entries here..

  4. Well I don't know if I wanna hug that "moneky" (?) anyways, getting myself a Giant Plush instead. And you are probably going to love my pieces on the horrible Polar Bear. N

  5. It's a shame, because you say such an honest thing about WWF being a scam which is true, we are talking about Bernhards creation here, the guy who founded the bilderbergers who are the scourge of humankind, but to kill off a species is not nice really.

  6. I think if any species deserves to be killed off, it should be humans. We think we are superior, and we are so wrong. Who knows, maybe if we gave other species their land and space back they would leave us alone. We took the land, freedom, food and protection and now you think they should die because they are trying to live? I look forward to the day when animals carry guns and take back what was theirs to begin with. What happened to their rights, freedoms and ability to live?

    1. And you are not alone, as there are many people who think just like you. Any living creatures, including plants, have their own rights and all they do is for survival. They are not unnecessarily cruel, do not lie, are not greedy, hypocritical, sadistic, show no proud without reason... what about most of the "humans"?
      More than that, animals do not betray their relatives, are loyal to death, know compassion and have a heart... thus showing similar qualities with a few good people remained out there.
      And if someone think that a rational mind is better then a kind heart, think again! What do you honestly want on a lone little island with you: a silly but kind, warm hearted creature... or a cold blood, rational minded one?
      Seems like most of the people nowadays take IQ tests (first invented by French for identifying the retards, just for your info) in order to see/prove themselves how "intelligent" they are, but not to many are able to look at the end of the day in a mirror through their own eyes searching for their soul. That is the reason for that human kind steal the land from the other species (thinking the Earth can be divided and own, and they are in right to take and own a share???), kill animals for any reason (meat, fur, oil, feathers, teeth and... "amusement"), cut down the forests (the biggest reason here being EASY MONEY) and destroy the equilibrium of this Planet... as if after that we could find another one to move on... or if we, humans, are the sole creatures (with rights) on this planet. I can't call that "intelligence"! And you know what? the most destructive, criminal race amongst the human kind is the white race... I know that because I'm white too, and have the same kind of mind (but fortunately I have a heart too which successfully equilibrate and tame it)... Don't trust me? Think about the biggest wars and robberies in history... almost all of them were done by Europeans... England (stealed much from India, destroyed China with opium, stealed from the colonies, wars, etc), France (stealed form colonies, wars), Germany (WW1 and WW2 and other things I do not want to remember/mention here), Spain (steal on water and earth... remember conquistadores?), Portugal (just like Spain), Holland, Italy (the Roman Empire)... also the Vikings not so kind either. We (whites) are all barbarians... And take into account that (Thanks God!) the white race is very small as number of people compared to the Asians for instance... and the single war in Asia that affected the entire world war the Mongol one of GingisHan (all other were "internal one" and had local scope). More than that, all the other races put together (Asians, Native Americans, Africans...) haven't had such a destroying impact over Nature as we, so called "educated" white people.
      So... the thought of killing an entire species (any species) is normal, taking into account that it comes form a "pale" person. But, now becoming again a "rational minded creature", which species should we destroy?