Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fat people should be jailed – jobs worse than prostitution

I was visiting a blog-buddy and read her writings about prostitution (you should all go visit her by the way, on the top among the blogs - http://storminawineglass.blogspot.com/ - smart and funny lady). Her topic got me thinking about occupations and such what is much worse than being a prostitute. It was not very hard; there are hundreds of them, so I started thinking about what jobs I have had that might be considered worse. And I immediately thought about McDonald’s. Not that working there or at any other fast-food joint is so horrible in itself, no, the people who comes there to eat are. You have alcoholics, families and even politicians dropping by. And then of course there are fat people. Fat might be a bit loose term and I’m not talking about having a couple of extra kilos, that might actually even work out for the better. No, what I’m talking about is those obese blobby things that blot out the sun when they come within 100ft. People with that kind of fat that oozes over from the seat they are mainly sitting on over to the next one. People that just need a couple of drops of water to take a bath because their bodies fill out the rest. And what’s the worst thing they can be doing? That’s right, eating. When you see one of these creatures hovering over a table at McDonalds munching away on a pile of hamburgers you just want to slap them silly. But of course you cannot do that; the ripple effect might take out the entire restaurant. And do you know what’s even worse than seeing one of those horrifying whales snacking? Cleaning up the toilet after them!

I lasted about 4 months on McDonalds and the things I remember are: having a fight with an idiotic manager; smelling like a garbage-bag everyday; and those obese fatsos eating and then going to the toilet. Still having nightmares about that last one. Now, I have never been in the prostitution business, but as long as those hookers don’t get an obese blimp doing them while he’s eating a hamburger and then they need to clean up the toilet before they get paid, I seriously doubt their job is worse.

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