Monday, March 23, 2009

Smelly Populism but still great

The Swedish government has decided to stop all extra bonuses and flexible salary solutions for CEO’s and directors in public companies. Even if this is very much populism and a suggestion even Joe average will sneeze at, it’s a good one. First of all they lower the risk for the taxpayers with about 0,01%, not much, but every little thing one should be happy for. Second of all it will make it harder to recruit the very best, which is the most excellent thing ever. It might actually increase the risk for the taxpayers with lots more than the pay level lowered, but I still believe it’s a fantastic idea. Public companies should have the very bottom of the barrel and the biggest scumbags on the market running them. Because then people might discover that their tax money is at risk and might be more inclined to sell of one or two of these idiocies. Brilliant of the government. Increase the risk taking and maybe they can sell some companies, to bad those public companies will be worth less, but hey, I take what I can get. Good job, Go team!

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