Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Do they play video games?

One after the other pops up saying they knew nothing about giving away tens of millions to Christer Elmehagens AMF-pension. Wanja Lundby-Lundin is not alone. So I’m starting to wonder what they do at those meetings and if everyone at that board are completely insane. Don’t they ask about decisions leading to these kinds of expenditures? Don’t they read what they decide about and/or read transcripts and go thru the meeting agenda? It’s not like it’s a couple of some bills for snacks and coffee we are talking about so some of these incompetent suckers need to be sleeping or playing games instead of actually paying attention. The power elite in Sweden don’t seem to care about “small” decisions that cost tens of millions. Not that this changes anything, Wanja Lundby-Lundin should resign. Hiring a CEO and knowing what he does, what he gets paid and if he is doing his job or not are among the most important decisions you can make at a board. And you need to know that complaining about high salaries when your are sitting at two different boards that has decided to pay out as high salary is incompetents at the very least. It’s the hypocrisy that’s showing and this from a lady earning millions each year herself. Why are people members of that union stupidity?

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