Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why should they let in a warmongering dictator wannabe?

I’m not really on the same side as South Africa, but I can in some way understand them. Why would they let Dalai lama come into their country? Dalai lama is a man that is running around crying about not being able to be dictator because someone else is. This infestation of a man – supported by Richard Gere – shouldn’t be encouraged, he should be in jail. Sure we should free Tibet from the Chinese idiots, but not for this dictator wannabe.


  1. Do you in fact know anything at all about Dalai lama? What he stands for, what he does? You give a strong impression of having an opinion without knowing anything about the subject...

  2. Let me ask you this, what is this person’s intention when back in power? Ask yourself this question and then look around a bit. Maybe you can figure out whom between you and me knows what.

  3. You are one sorry sad person. You are quite possibly either A: a chinese-financed blogger, or, B: a left-wing extremist. Either way - you are on the loosing side of history.

  4. Oh, been a long time sense someone thought I was a leftie. And bought by the Chinese? And sorry and sad? Almost a nostalgic shimmer over that, but its usually Pinochet lover and Thatcher idiot they call me. Don’t know if you are the same “Anonymous” but as I said before, read some stuff before making an accusation. And I would say it’s pretty clear what my politics are, but you didn’t even bother checking around here before you write so I doubt you will check around for that warmonger Lama Idiot either, but that’s your choice. Me I rather know things before putting my name somewhere, but then again, you didn’t do that did you “Anonymous”?

  5. Det finns onekligen tvivelaktigheter runt Dalai Lama. Som du mycket väl vet känner de flesta människor inte till detta. Således finns potential att skriva ett intressant och träffande inlägg som någon skulle kunna få ut något av att läsa.

    Istället slänger du ut lite godtyckliga okvädesord. Det framgår ganska tydligt att du tycker att alla andra är dumma i huvudet, samtidigt som du, trettiotreåringen, skriver lika moget som om du vore i undre tonåren.

  6. lol..im impressed..you are a true dumbass...learn how to spell..and post your real name...lol..take care of yourself!

  7. Omogen? Tja, det stämmer nog till viss del, iaf om man ska gå efter gängse normer. Oavsett vilket har jag inte som huvudsaklig avsikt att försöka övertyga någon om någonting. Mitt huvudsakliga syfte med denna blogg annat än att lära mig korrekt Engelska och skriva för mig själv, är bara att påpeka brister och fel. Alltid en poäng i att kunna tala om att ”jag sa ju det” senare. Att däremot försöka övertyga folk om sakers realitet var det många år sedan jag gav upp. Folk vill inte förstå eller förstår inte pga låg hjärnkapacitet. Lätt förståeliga ord kan de dock ibland uppfatta, så förringa icke detta bidrag för att du anser att utvecklande tomhet ger bättre gehör.

  8. And once again I say thanks an”Anonymous” person. You as so many others just keep proving my point.

  9. You stupid idiots all are. Yoda has spoken I have. Mwahahaha…

  10. Aha… right… Someone else that feels comfortable with the human race?

  11. Vittnesmål om kriget i Gaza skapar debatt i Israel - DN.se.

    När man skrev om de här händelserna några månader sedan, så utmålades den israleiska armén som den ärligaste, mest rättvisa och ofelbara armén i världen. Dess soldater begår inte krigsbrott. Dess värden och värderingar tillät inte brott mot krigets lagar. Tji fick ni anhängare av Israel.

    Israel har begått brott mot mänskligheten ända sedan dess grundande, dess ledare var jagade terrorister och hade begått brott redan innan staten skapades.

    En mor och hennes barn sköts ihjäl av en skarpskytt efter att de givits fel instruktioner av en grupp soldater; en 80-årig kvinna sköts ned sedan hon ovetande närmat sig en byggnad som gjorts till israeliskt högkvarter; kränkande slagord målades på väggarna i palestinska hem; husgeråd förstördes och släktfotografier skändades. I flera fall uppges de ansvariga befälhavarna inte ha ingripit.

    Kan manl äsa på DN.se.

    Enligt sionisterna och deras vänner i Sverige, så var alla civila, stridande. Alla civila mördade användes som mänskliga sköldar. Alla civila var rättfärdiga offer. Tji fick ni, om och om igen.

    Eloge till de judiska soldaterna som visat sitt mod genom att protestera mot dessa brott. Israel förbjöd reportrar att besöka området under massakrerna på palestinier, men ändå kom sanningen fram till slut.

  12. Yet another in an endless tide of tide sniffing self subjucation. An empty shell posing as an argument: sounding 'reasonable' by saying nothing and preaching self sublimation. Meld with the many, feel no pain as you drift with the lemmings to patterns of political fashions. First it's short skirts then it's long. Things can only happen in certain times that we have no control over. It's always all or nothing for those on the left or right who don't want to do the effort of thinking about things thoroughly and the consequences of that.
    The problem is that the radically increased concentration of wealth in the hands of the fewer has led to an economic collapse bought on by the inevitable corruption in any society where the ONLY thing that matter are the property rights of the elite become the rational for an entire society. It corrupts inevitably any system that by its 'democratic' nature is supposed to represent the 'people' as a whole (representational goverment).
    The opposite extreme collectivism or communism allows the individual no space or room to manoevre and thus ends up serving the interests of it's elite only as it is only they who have the ability to act or decide. The two extremes CANNOT be democratic as you can only have freedom when you can both feed yourself and have the right to act in your own interest. We thus need an intelligent balance where the deciding vote is that of the people involved.
    People want and need the dignity to own there own homes, to be secure in them and to be left alone in ALL situations where they are not violating others. It is amongst the people themselves that such temporary decisions (Laws passed in Parliament or congress)are made.
    The interests of the many must be balanced by the rights of the few just as it cannot be possible for the 51 % to vote the extermination of the 49. That is why it is necessary to describe the human rights of all as a basis. The American system is set up brilliantly and correctly and it's total corruption by military industrialist capitalism would have created a fascist society long ago were it not for two things, the efficacy of the American model and the cultural attitudes of the people both left and right towards state authority.
    What bothers me the most these days is the situation in Europe as a whole these days with death of national sovereignity as the burocratic EU melts like an acid all the cultures and traditions of democracy and create an ethnic economic oligarchy. The fact that the UK is moving right on a parallel line at the same time as Europe is no accident and is all part of the ideological tidal drift bought on by rotting carcass of democracy.
    Can you smell it in the dehumanising 'entertainment of torture propoganda in '24' or the mindless mental enemas we call the media. More precisely in that Europe is now the EU that speaks with one voice that denies the majority of it's people the right to decide on wether they approve the new 'Constitution' of the continent. Not necessary say the contemptous few. They (the people) always vote the wrong way (no) and look at the trouble Ireland is causing. Democracy is impractical and wrong headed the many must be guided by us even though they dont approve of us doing so. Very democratic I don't think.
    What about the hardware though. Easy first you make it possible and legal to imprison human beings indefinitly without them having any rights at all not even the requirement that they are to be charged with a crime. You allow total unending observation of all and sundry 'to protect them' and you listen and record people's lies and conversations. These are things Dictatorships are supposed to do but people in 'the free world' are being asked to give up what we fought two world wars over for nothing at all. Thank you War of Terror.
    Now our dear writer is helping to prepare 'the masses' for the next fashion cycle. I think it's flared jeans this season so you got to go out and be a part of the 'phenomenon' just don't fight the tide. Are you ready for a conservative in Blairs clothing. Face it there is no one to vote for and no real options and so the police chiefs are ginning up the domestic war machine (police force) to be ready for the 'summer of rage' that they have already stated they fear may be coming this summer.
    Democracy is not a about just ticking off a name on a ballot box every for years on the contrary it is a culture, an attitude and a conviction. It has it's costs in terms of inefficiency and it is more time consuming but it gives the human race a chance to live a 'humane' and rich life rather than being insects whose lives have no meaning either individually or collectively as both sides need each other in balance and harmony in the same way that women and men need to find a right balance to have a healthy and happy family.
    The people of Europe ust stop listening to those who would infantalise us and start struggling again to be free.

  13. Skulle du kunna utveckla dina farhågor kring Dalai lama...

    Det finns inga ledare som inte drivs av dolda agendor - så jag är väldigt intresserad av vad som kan döljas bakom denne mans fridfulla yttre...

    vänligen Queenia // Anna