Monday, February 2, 2009

The warmongering Dalai Lama

If you read about or hear about Dalai Lama, its usually in a positive context. Celebrities flock around him and the unison western journalists have lifted this sick miserable bastard to sainthood. What he wants to do is to free Tibet and reinstall the priesthood as it was before. And how was that exactly? Like most dictatorships people were trialed without lawyers, censorship was complete and the ruling elite lived in fabulous wealth while most others starved to death. Pretty much as it is today under the Chinese occupation, same shit, different name. And this is what the Dalai Lama is really about. He can fart as many famous quotas as he wish, and all the celebrities in the world can worship is very being, but it does not change what this little one is all about. CIA gave him money to found rebellions and the hate against the Chinese whom stole his “right” to be king and live in luxury should be legendary, but as the devil woman Mother Teresa he instead approaches sainthood for some strange reason. I do think it’s the western notion that all things that sound good, talks good and are from some strange exotic country cannot be wrong.

According the news agency AP, this dictator wannabe was rushed to a hospital in India today. The 73 year old is currently undergoing tests. Wouldn’t it be fun if he had syphilis or AIDS? Maybe leprosy would be more suiting, but hey, one cannot get it all…

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