Monday, February 2, 2009

Aliens walk among us!

We can, with a great deal of facts behind us, say that we are not alone in the universe. Even if life is very hard to come by and there are thousands of things that need to interact to create life as we know if, the universe is so vast and among all those billions of galaxies which each are made up of billions of stars, there just has to be life on other planets. We can also say, with some degree of surety, that some or all of these civilizations are more advanced then we are. But there it stops. The level of technology that is necessary to travel all the way to us and to even detect us in the first place is so far ahead of our understanding that our brains cannot process it. This is really the main argument against all those UFO’s flying around everywhere and “true” alien abduction victims. IF an alien race really are that advanced and have both the technology to detect us and visit our little corner, why the hell would they be so stupid to leave memories in our brains of our abductions and even more stupid would be to show themselves to us flying around our atmosphere? Almost every UFO has been explained by science but still people believe in this crap. Okay, I’m a big science nerd and love shows like Stargate and Star Trek and I really want to believe that we are being monitored by other creatures. And I would love to have our little rock being invaded by some aliens; they might save us from ourselves. But come on!

It is far more likely that governments are experimenting with levels of technology that none of us have ever heard of or that there are some astronomical or scientific facts that yet is beyond our understanding and that there is these lack of understanding that is the true facts behind the unexplained.

During the curse of human history we have believed that comets are signs from appending doom, that the earth is flat as a pancake and that a burning bush is speaking with the voice of God. Okay, some still believe in the last part, which is sad in its own right, but the point is that we as people have always searched for divine power or magical explanations for almost everything. And if someone goes against those believes we burn them, torture them or go to war against them.

IF there really are aliens out there, they must have a great time watching us. Like a soap opera we plot, steal and kill each other over idiotic things like the name of a god or some invisible lines in the sand. The atrocities we have committed against ourselves should by now be legendary in the cosmos and I can really see gambling going on up there. The odds on which country will go to war next or which terrorist will kill the most people would be fun to see. There might actually be a Las Vegas on the Moon where Aliens from all over are gathering over a pint to win or lose their equivalent of money. Put me down for a bucket of Zink on that the current financial crisis will go on for a couple of more years please…

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