Monday, February 2, 2009

The ridiculous bible

Have spent the day reading about the Bible and how it was created. Most I already did know from before, I did know that the church meeting in Nicosia 325 AD were some bishops voted what would be in and out of the bible. I also did know that many Gnostic texts and several pro women texts were left out, despite being very popular in their time. And in addition to this knowledge I also had an idea about why a bible was believed to be necessary. What I did not know is that several of the text that made it into the bible, have several different versions. So the bishops voting process 325 did not only left out the stuff that was not really to their liking, they also made a choice which texts that had the best writings and made up the best storyline. Among other things there is an old text about Genesis were we are told the story from Eve’s perspective. A bunch of men in church cloths did not like this.

The church meeting in Nicosia also voted if Jesus was divine or not. Before this year, Jesus was not necessary God in human form, most people actually did not believe this. So from here on Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit was the same. Isn’t voting great?

Most of the bible is a magical story with some true names of people, cities or events. How true is it and is it really the word of God? Well if one believe that God influenced these bishops to make “the right decisions” you might still believe in this fiction. But there are some stories that contradict some “facts” in the bible like the forbidden story of Magdalene, the stories of Jesus childhood or the book of Enok. There are also some “facts” or “words” that change depending on the translation from one country or one bible to another. And addition to this, the whole thing is absurd!

Do you really believe that some father figure is watching us and will condemn us for everything we do in our lives? Do you really believe in dividing the red sea or that some character could walk on and could make wine out of water? And do you really believe that some old men voting 1700 years ago did collect the word of God? Then you truly are a very stupid idiot and that’s a real fact.

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