Monday, February 2, 2009

You will die!

I have been watching and reading the latest ”end of the world” proclamations. Have you seen this? Apparently the Mayan calendar ends on the 21th of December 2012. Of course there are several other predictions supporting this end date. Nostradamus, the oracle of Delphi and some other spooky voices from the past is warning us about some appending doomsday. And it appears that even some scientist is joining the fun because some of them fear another shift of the magnetic poles. Something that have happen before and could happen again and some of these people with high education thinks that when Earth and the sun are in lineament with the center of the galaxy the gravitational force (or whatever) will affect us in a way that might trigger or enhance the speed of this polar change, creating massive storms, earthquakes and so on, bringing on the destruction of man. This would be great and I would sit on some mountaintop eating the last batch of popcorn watching the world turn up side down and all the idiots running around dying, killing and screaming. Now that would be entertainment!

Of course Hollywood has jumped onboard and at least one movie is in the making cleverly entitle “2012”… And it is somewhere around here my hope of the appending doom is destroyed. Hollywood executives and the liberal forces among the actors and writers would never let their profits die out with some pesky magnetic shift or apocalypse, that’s not good planning. So instead they make a movie to scare us cashing in on our fears and stupid notions as they always have. Global warming! Huhu… Gigantic storms! Asteroids! A new ice age! The earth inner crust has stopped moving! Nuclear holocaust! Illuminati! The world can end in oh so many ways… If you are or have been a member of Jehovah’s witnesses you should know this very well. Jehovah’s is just one of many religious sects that tell us that the world is going to end, and this pretty much every year. One can set the clock by the constant predictions from these guys. And of course we have the bible. The fictional writings of this money collecting idiocy have always taught us to watch our steps follow some rules and repent or we will end up in the warm and fuzzy party that is Hell. I wish! Lucifer sounds like a fun and honest dude. Evil? Sure. Torture? Surely. But still honest about it in contrast to that sky dwelling bearded hypocrite that apparently sometimes tells people to fight and die in his name and sometimes kills a couple of thousands that do not agree with his point of view. The bible tells us that Armageddon will come and the pending 2012 will most likely increase the income to churches everywhere when scared people give away their money to reach salvation through whatever hocus pocus they believe in.

Nah, the world is always coming to an end. Religious people, nuts at the street corner and politicians have always told us this. During the last century it was the nuclear threat and the human effect on the environment that would kill us all. Depending on what decade it was sometimes a new ice age and sometimes the earth would get warmer. The ozone layer were very popular in the 80’s, people would get skin cancer and die all around us and every day there was pictures in newspapers telling us how big the hole over Antarctica was. Then we had minor scares like the bird flu, AIDS or mad cow decease. Now day’s people believe that global warming is manmade and we are all responsible for Hurricanes, tornadoes and the death of Polar bears. Every time the weather changes and it’s colder or hotter than the year before, it is our fault! Every time a species dies out, it’s our fault!

So naturally the year 2012 is striking fear in a lot of people. The Mayan was never wrong, they had human sacrifices and got destroyed by a couple of Spanish pirates, but hey, they were never wrong. Nostradamus was never wrong either, you can read his writings however you wish, but he is never wrong.

Oh, this is going to be scary. I just had a vision: “Someday in the future, two countries will go to war, one under the sign of the bird will falter, the other, under the sign of the dessert, will win but will still loose”. And I also had this picture in my head: “One day the sun will rise over the death of thousands in the land of the moon”. Huhu… it’s scary, is it not? After 200 years time, you can call me master and I will forever be remembered as a great oracle because this will come true.

And please remember, you will one day die! How is that for a prediction...?

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