Monday, February 2, 2009

The Devil that was Mother Teresa

This complete fraud is still being revered all over the world, despite that her death should have come as a relief to many of those under her “care”. She herself revealed her malevolence during her lifetime being quoted as following: “Suffering is a gift from God”. This was the true belief of this demon of a woman. Her whole life was spent in a constant struggle against empowerment and individual freedom. Instead she did take money from the dictatorship in Haiti and praised happily their totalitarianism. She collected huge sums of money, starting, by her own account, 500 convents all over the world, all bearing her name. Yeah, that’s right, this supposedly God loving woman, like any other prick in history, happily resaved money from all over (mainly from poor people) and then started several convents with her name on the door. All this convents had the same notion that suffering is good and often people just lay around on hard “beds” were they died. When she herself got sick, she didn’t go to her Calcutta death camp, instead she went to California.

There are also several reports from when she blessed Indian mothers and praising them for the pain they suffered not being able to feed their young. Also quoted saying: “All new births are angels”. So people dying because of the lack of food are a good thing and women giving birth to even more children into the same faith are great. Yeah, this Teresa character was true to her own words that suffering is a gift.

And of course the Catholic Church loved her, bringing in lots of cash and more followers (or rather less people leaving). And consequently they throw sainthood at her, claiming miracles were there was none and making up stories as they go along.

People! Wake up! The story of this horrible woman is just another example of how stupid people really are. Even the most religious should see past this smoke, but nah… And that’s even more horrifying than a woman loving suffering and pain.

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