Monday, April 5, 2010

Was 9/11 a staged attack?

I’ve been, once again, going over the evidence and the lack thereof for a possibility that the attack on the US was a staged attack. Whether or not such an alleged false flag attack was committed by banksters, oil companies, Israeli commandoes or by the government itself haven’t been my main concern. What I wanted was to either confirm my earlier firm belief that this was real or to reconsider this conviction.

This is important because almost everything that has happened since, from the fascist control-grid comes to internet to the invasion of Afghanistan, from the patriot act to the execution of Saddam, can be traced back to 9/11.

Especially I wanted to know why incidents like the latest leaked video of American troops committing war crimes and shooting unarmed people trying to help wounded could come to be.

I am inherently suspicious of government and have no problem believing in the existence of false flag attacks. Those have been committed before, also by US governments, so why not again? This makes me ‘partial’ to believe in the conspiracy thought and this is vital to acknowledge since it impacts the end result.

Watching, reading and seeing it all again my initial conclusion still stands, I still do not believe in the conspiracy, but I am slightly less convinced.

There are too many ‘coincidences’, too many faults, too many unanswered questions for anyone to be sure one way or the other. There are experts and arguments on both sides making sense. I would certainly want to see another investigation so in that aspect I agree with the “truthers”. And if a large portion of people believe that, as they do, that is certainly enough to launch another examination of the facts, especially since so many lives are impacted by this event and so many wars and atrocities are committed in its name.

I think this, together with the total disregard for the alternative view and bashing of the so called “truthers” are what actually makes the most compelling evidence for this being a false flag attack. Or, as I think is far more likely, a cover-up to hide government incompetence and certain individuals that should have known better and acted differently.

Was 9/11 a false flag attack? Probably not. Did the government fail? Sure, you bet ya. Did the government or some parts of the government deliberately fail? Maybe. Are they trying to cover up their incompetence? Most likely.

Maybe in 40-50 years with some new books, deathbed confessions and some declassified documents on the table we will know, until then this story will live on...

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  1. Those that deny the unescapable conclusion in light of all the 9/11 info is in denial, most likely for different reasons.
    Justice WILL prevail!