Monday, April 5, 2010

The dream that died

Throughout my upbringing during the raving 80’s I had people around telling me how terrible it was to support the US. The capitalist Mecca run by a horrifying conservative actor was the very essence of immorality, corruption and greed, and so obviously I couldn’t wait to move there.

Even back then I just knew that whenever the righteous elite complained over something, whenever Swedish journalists trashed something that lefties also loathed, it just had to be one of the best things ever.

I still feel the same, but not really the same…

You see the thing I love about America isn’t the country, the people, the scenery or the supposed ‘capitalism’. And it is definitely not the reoccurring wars, war crimes and the today looming depression. What I feel in love with and still love is the idea of America, the basic foundation with the bill of rights and the constitution.

Every scrappy looking fella in the world together with outcasts, persecuted religious and political groups, criminals, starving families, the extremely poor, adventurers and ordinary folks all moved to America and they formed what I regard to be the best, the brightest and most fantastic country ever seen on the planet.

Outcompeting and out producing everyone and everything that came before or since and growing exponentially the US was the shining beacon in a world of darkness.

Nothing has frightened and upset statism loving autocrats more than the idea of America. Every king, every emperor, every pharaoh, every totalitarian thug throughout history with delusions of world domination on the backs of the people have turned in their graves from fear.

With minor local experiments aside, US of A was, in the beginning, the closest thing to capitalism and equality we have seen.

Sadly, in today’s United States, hardly anything of that remains. Only remanence. The memory. Soon hardly even that.

Many Americans seem to think they still have capitalism or that they still live in a country were the American dream flourish and that they are still the best and the brightest. To me this is a very strange notion.

US capitalism have encountered many problems and stabs but the first deathblow came 1913 with the Federal Reserve act effectively introducing inflationary policies, mad deficits and a Marxist-style central bank albeit run by a private banking cartel. Next blow came with J Edgar Hoover and his replacement Roosevelt. Not only creating much of the great depression, but worsening it and making the best out of Keynesian lunacy.

During the first couple of decades of the 20th century bill after bill passed further deteriorating what once was the land of the free. Anti-drug laws to stop Negroes from raping white women were one such stupidity. Prohibition, which lead to the rise of the mafia and an unprecedented boozing never seen or heard of before or since, was another.

With the murder of JFK and the undemocratic, yet slightly understandable, anti-communist era and then Vietnam and the abolishment of the Gold Standard yet more stabs was made against the dying corps. Despite a slight upswing in the 1980’s things has really been going to hell since the 70’s.

The Clinton administration helped build the bubble economy and created many of the entities we talk about today such as Franny and Freddie and with the burst of the dot-com bubble the floodgates really opened. Perpetrated by the banking cartels and a hairless warmongering chimp at the white house the last vestiges of civil freedom started to wither away. 9/11 didn’t really help either and pretty much ever since the US economy’s only real ‘growth’ has come from the war industry.

Today the country is a house of cards, only kept afloat by wars (higher GDP), the biggest spending spree in history (on borrowed money), consumption (over 70% of the economy) and the USD which is the world’s reserve currency hence means they can scam both the American public and the rest of us into an ever accelerating debt mountain that is very likely to turn into hyperinflation the coming years.

In today’s America capitalism hardly exists at all. Entrepreneurs and the hard working middle class are still upholding some capitalist ideals, but in actuality the US is closer to Soviet socialism than capitalism. And the Obamination isn’t really making things better...

And the American dream? Sure Americans has made mistakes and done its share of damage to the world before in history, but for a very long time they never lost that dream. Today, that is almost gone too. Still alive under the surface but slowly sinking further and further away.

One after the other the presidents and their followers have together with corporate interests, unions and the politically correct slowly, but surely, deteriorated the former land of the free into the land of the serfs. Turning it into another country among many.

The American founding fathers and the constitution they created cannot be overstated in importance. But today America is turning into (to a large extent there already) the very thing its founding fathers hated, the very thing they fled from and the thing that all those millions upon millions of emigrants fled from: an oppressive socialist/fascist/collectivist (whatever you wanna call it) state built on the notion of printing money and government spending.

Once upon a time I too dreamt of going across the Atlantic to the home of the brave, now I don’t see the point. 15y ago when I started to look around the world for a future home and a first work abroad, the first thing I looked at was USA’s labor market and were within that country I would prefer to live. Today, I don’t even look there. Not at all.

And I am not alone. Mexicans are, for the first time ever, leaving Los Angeles and going back to Mexico despite the escalating civil war that goes on there.

The poor, homeless and huddled masses yearning for free air aren’t really welcome to America’s shores anymore, they could be terrorists.

This is a very short description of course; I’ve not even mentioned false flag attacks, corporatism, imperialistic tendencies or a failing school system. Also I have mainly focused on the badness, there are still good things with the US, it is still one of the best countries on the planet and people still run to it and I rather live there than in Zimbabwe - although the monetary policies of both countries are about the same.

However the dream that was America is probably already gone. And with it so is the great hope for mankind.

But I cannot help feeling some optimism. If it was any other country, regardless of time in history, Geographic’s or people, I would say that this was it, the decaying body would soon gone, forever. America however still has that foundation there… somewhere…

What is needed is a renaissance, a rise from the ashes. Please resurrect soon America, the rest of the world needs you, the real you, not the warmongering slaughtering of Muslim you.


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