Monday, April 5, 2010

Murderers!! Thugs!! War Criminals!!

Oh my… this is beyond belief and you should watch this. Watch the whole piece.

I feel sick, horrified. This is a game for these American idiots!!

If you watch all of it you see at least one, possible three war crimes being committed.

Are you still wondering why they want to close down Wikileaks and control internet?

BE WARNED! This is very graphic.

aAAharrg… FUCK!!


  1. Completely insane. Speechless.
    "And if you still wonder they want to close down Wikileaks and control internet after this, you should be shoot too"

  2. Yeah, I know... too upset...

  3. Yeah right! My fellow colleges of Reuters knew exactly what they were in for when they committed themselves to join the Iraqi war. I have been there myself and it wasn't sweet. The Arabs are laying in the sand dunes and really loves to shoot your head off. You are a living target and you'll never know when they might pop up. You might be killed by friendly fire as well. Thats life. During my service as a filmmaker several of my friends were killed. I was there as late as last summer. I promise you that its not like Stureplan.

  4. @Deevo
    Okay? So what? This isn't about being in a warzone or living with the threat. Have you watched the video? Listened to it? Even IF you can excuse the initial attack as a "mistake", how do you even begin to justify the rest and the language? This isn’t about reporters taking a risk; it’s about military thugs playing videogames. This isn’t a “shit happens” kind of a deal. If you think so you haven’t watched it.

  5. I will not watch the clip. I'm too close to the scene. I can't take it.

    When we were out there we always had armed private guards with us, but we always told the forces where we were going in advance, so it wouldn't be any mistakes. It never happened any mistakes but it could have happened. I can't understand what these Reuter-folks were thinking?!

    Its war, and young guys seeing too much take on a mask. I have no view into the mind of a soldier but I heard their language and ways of trying to keep the distance to the horror. I will suggest everybody to go to Iraq and see things from the on location perspective. Then the pieces will fall in place.