Thursday, April 1, 2010

A fortress of Solitude needed

A year after the adoption of Sweden's fascist IPRED legislation, new figures show that file sharing is growing in popularity, internet traffic has rebounded strongly, and only a small handful of cases have been brought before the autocrats courts.

The introduction of the law, aimed at tackling file sharing by slaughtering personal privacy, strangely enough coincided with the high profile convictions of the four backers of the Pirate Bay.

On a similar note, ‘illegal’ streaming has also become more popular with a recent report from internet company Cisco confirming the rise of the technology as it eliminates the need for users to download copyrighted files and run the risk of prosecution.

Of course this is yet another failure of our masters and they will certainly not let this stand. We cannot wait for ACTA and the European Union to make its presence known. In particular the low amount of court cases and not a single prisoner as of yet are an abomination to the powers that be.

I would be very, very surprised if news like this doesn’t lead to an IPRED part IV –back with a vengeance. And that streaming thingy need to be stopped now, a new law perhaps? To no surprised it has also been suggested that Sweden need a new Spy-law in order to easier bring spies to justice and convict them. Seem unrelated doesn’t it? Yeah… sure…

Maybe harsher penalties and more money to certain agencies is the way to go? Certainly, but legislators will look to amend the law(s) and further deteriorate our civil liberties firstly. Stealing our money to hand it over to thugs that is supposed to monitor and find incriminating evidence against us is the icing of the cake, not the real point. The ever present threat towards and the intimidation of the public is the main priority.

Me, I am still looking for that place of tranquility far away from authorities and government spies roaming my computer.

Lately I’ve been thinking about Antarctica and setting up a colony in the middle of nowhere out on the ice. Space flight is too far away into the future and no Aliens will come and save us. Looking around the globe there’s really no place to hide. There are still deep jungles and the Ocean depths might do, but wouldn’t it be fun with setting up some tents on the South Pole?

A home for the future?

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