Thursday, April 1, 2010

The autocrats are at it again

Trying to cure my hangover and just passing time in front of my laptop I’ve been trying to determine what stories are fictional April fools gags and what stories are real.

Not easy I can tell you.

Will UN create a new department in order to limit online surfing? It is very likely. We’ve already heard about how they regard computers as energy devouring monsters. Also UN has many countries and people of totalitarian persuasion, many capable of unspeakable evil and bent on world domination.

So why wouldn’t such a story be true?

Health experts have called for a sugar tax as Swedes remain the highest global consumers of sweets, 30,000 - 60,000 children are so obese that they risk a premature death as a result of diabetes, cancer and heart attacks, some ‘researchers’ argue. And so they call to dramatically increase tax on sugary foodstuffs in order to curb high consumption.

This kind of “we know best” idiocy seems to be spitted out from asylums now and again. And this story is, sadly, most likely true.

What I am wondering is; what about imported candy? Will that be illegal soon? Will there be jail time for suger-smuggling? How about home grown suger? Will suger producers become hunted like drug cartels and terrorists soon? Maybe the US can invade Cuba on those premises? Probably get the UN on their side on that one. Trying to protect the world from evil suger communists seem like a very righteous cause, don’t you think?

We’re told what to eat, drink, smoke, think, do, drive, and work and millions of other things. All the time they are throwing ads at us, government health campaigns pour out every week, and it is all paid for by you.

They are so concerned for us that they need to steal our money and use it to tell us what to do, and if we don’t comply they will use more stolen money from us to punish us.

We live so insignificant lives on a little blue dot in the corner of one galaxy among billions. Our time of existence is so small that in the grand scheme of things that we’ve hardly existed at all. But during the fraction of time we live we’re constantly bullied around by ‘thinkers’, politicians and know-it-all righteous thugs.

Is a life under the thumb of these people really worth living? If they take away those comforts and joys that we have and deem them unhealthy, dangerous and slap anyone not obeying, what’s the point?

Drugs are fun, alcohol is great, tobacco brings joy, and we all love suger and fast food. To travel around the world bungy jumping, sleeping with a lot of people, drinking yourself senseless while nibbling on a hamburger and having a cigarette in your hand, that’s what I call living. So what if that increases your chance of getting cancer by 20% or if you gain a few pounds, at least you’ve lived.

I am fully aware that not all people want this or regard this as “life”. Some just want to be ‘healthy’, jogging each day only eating salad. Others want that normal family life, living in the suburb with a station wagon and two kids. Some scale mountains, others go to work with doctors without borders.

The interesting thing is that at any moment you can be dead. No matter who you are or were you live, you will die and it can be tomorrow. A truck can run you over, you can trip in the shower, a brain aneurism can strike while you’re sitting on the toilet, a madman can shoot you, a foreign power can attack with bombs or the lightening can hit you.

We’re mortals, we will die, and many of us will die long before it is ‘our time’.

Are restrictions, bans and hinders like taxation really the way to have a good life? And even if you or some researchers think so, why choose the same for all others? Isn’t each person’s own life more worth then being controlled by faceless bureaucrats?

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