Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why we fight

I was vacuuming just now and when I turned on ‘super-suck’ it struck me that this is what it means to be a libertarian - walking around life trying to suck up the badness hiding in the dark corners of our existence.

And as we all know it doesn’t matter how much you vacuum, sweep, and mop because there’s always another dust pile and another left-over bit of moldy candy. You could wrap your house in plastic, eliminate all furniture and never enter and still dust would form. Cleaning is really an endless Sisyphus task.

The same it is to fight for truth, liberty and justice – this fight never ends.

Actually we can probably never win. There will always be special interests, banksters, unions, and lobbyists fighting for their piece of the cake. And in opposite to us libertarians, socialists know they can “win”. It is easier, much easier, to convince people that they can get free stuff rather than to say they need to work for it.

Socialism, statism, collectivism whatever you want to call it, has several big advantages. They never need to explain anything, all they need to do is to promise a pink shimmering existence and sell that notion with ‘feelings’. Even easier it is for them to thrash any opposition to their ideas because anyone that don’t want the poor, elderly, young and handicapped to get free stuff is per automatic ‘evil’.

People in general are either too stupid or don’t have the time (lazy) to find out the truth so when lefties comes along with an all out solution; let the government think and make choices for you, most tend to listen.

But our uphill struggle is even worse than that. Have you ever consider what the libertarian promise to any voter is? We’re really only saying that if you work hard enough you might get rich, and in our world people would be free to explore their own potential and have free choices. That’s pretty much it.

We don’t promise them happiness, money, food, jobs, love or honor. We’re telling people that if they want those things they need to get it for themselves, work for it, sweat, and really put the effort in.

The leftie says he/she will fix it for us.

How can we compete with that? The sad truth is that we can’t.

So we cannot win, but that’s not why we fight.

This world is a cesspool filled with selfish greedy beasts, and in it we live, we eat, we shit and then we die. It will always be filled with corruption, murders, rapes and dictator wannabees, this no matter what we do.

So why do we fight?

I see the libertarian quest as that of a watchdog. We try to make sure they don’t take it too far.

Occasionally we convince enough people and make a slim difference. Sometimes we manage to wake people up, maybe not convert them fully, but at least make them see the man behind the curtain.

But the truth of the matter is that nothing works so hard for libertarian ideas as the socialists do. Every time they “win” and set up Gulag camps, creates holocausts, start wars and make people suffer for being foolish enough to vote and root for leftie ideas, they show what their ideology is really about. Hopefully, maybe, someday down the road enough people will see this and ponder on what the alternative is.

So we don’t fight to win or to gain enough votes, we fight so people, countries and the world can go in the right direction. We fight because it is the right thing to do. Just as with cleaning. We know we cannot win against dirt and dust, but we still do it because we don’t want to live in filth and sometimes you can avoid getting a disease if you live in a cleaner surrounding.

Is there a way, a road not taken, which would create a win? No.

But there is a small hope. If our technology advance far enough we can sooner or later start colonizing space. That is still a century or more into the future, so I will never live to see it. And it is possible we’ve destroyed ourselves along with this planet before we get a chance to, but if we were to collect all of the hundred thousand or so individuals on this planet that use their brain and go to a new place, start over, then maybe, just maybe we can call that a win…


Furthermore, I think Beatrice Ask must resign.

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  1. Good post, Apocalypse, and thanks for cross-posting. Very welcome indeed.

    The libertarian fight is a good fight - we have to keep up the pressure. As you indicate, there are few votes in it - surprisingly few people wish to be self-governing and self-disciplined.