Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Fatty about to lose it

Venezuela’s dictator Hugo Chavez has seemingly stepped up his paranoia and oppressive behavior. He seems to take it one step further for each month that passes. Not really surprising since the economy is destroyed, his socialist experiments are failing one after the other and his power hold over Central America and South America states has greatly diminished.

Sure his carelessly thrown about bribe money and directly controlled, by him, news networks are still working. Even western media are still picking up the dictators well planted stories.

But as is always the case with any leftie tyrant time is running out, and along with his growing weight he feels that burden.

It is just a matter of time before a) he starts a war. OR b) he starts death camps and knocking of his own people.

Right now the “b” alternative seems to be the most likely next step.
Former Zulia state Gov. Oswaldo Alvarez Paz said in a television program that Venezuela has become a drug-trafficking hub. Which is true, the number of Venezuelan boats getting caught with drugs is way up and an increase in detection of suspected drug flights from clandestine airstrips inside Venezuela, seem to support these claims that is also argued by many countries and independent sources.

The obese dictator however wants nothing of that uttered. Consequently Oswaldo Alvarez Paz has been arrested and locked up, seemingly indefinitely.

And we also learn that authorities have arrested the owner of the Globovision TV channel, one of the few remaining broadcasters critical of President Hugo Chavez. All the rest of such media has been closed down or threatened to silence. Among other Chavez has closed 33 independent radio stations.

And, as most government is doing nowadays, Chavez has said he would talk to the attorney general about regulating the Internet, which he said is "poisoning the minds of many people."

Thankfully for the Venezuelan people their kids aren’t getting tortured and forced into containment yet, as they soon will be in Sweden if our Justice Minister gets her way. But the guilty before found innocent policy is about the same. Maybe our government can look for more pointers from this dictator? They seem to be heading down the same path.

Anyway I’ve not seem so many salutes from lefties about the plump despot of Venezuela lately. This means that once he starts with the organized killings or goes to war, socialists will claim Chavez to either be doing the correct thing against imperialist Americans or that he has lost it and become a capitalist and fascist.

That’s how it works. When he was throwing stolen money around to the poor he was a good guy and a socialist hero, when he’s now locking up dissidents and starts murdering people he’s a right-wing nut. Funny how the leftie brain works, don’t you think?

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