Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time for regular mail to be confiscated

As we all know by now email, internet traffic, online communities, our isp’s and pretty much everything else that has to do with our computers and what we do online is monitored, controlled, read, watched and acted upon by authorities. Even before we implement ACTA and the new all-out EU control-grid, we’re under surveillance 24/7.

Bloggers, Pirate Parties, technology geeks, libertarians, advocates of free speech and youngsters have been arguing against this Orwellian madness for a long time.

One of the arguments used has been to say that normal snail mail going via the postal office aren’t opened and checked in the same manor. Stupid as we were we sort of thought that our masters could be persuaded to think and stop their monitoring or maybe we thought that the common man would wake up if they realized how scrutinized and checked we really are.

But the British government has now taken action to see to it that any letter or parcel also can be opened and checked. Well, they’ve always had that option, but only under suspicions and with approval from higher authorities. Not anymore.

Maybe they thought that since they are closing down internet options and hindering the growth of technology, people would resort back to older ways of communicating. Maybe they realized that terrorists and pedophiles can use regular mail for communication. Maybe this is yet another way of controlling us.

In any case, another control-grid is now getting into place in Britain and it is just a matter of time before everyone else has it too.

I have an extra pitchfork, if you we’re looking for one…


  1., din blogg nämns i denna artikel, tänkte du var intresserad att läsa...

  2. Yepp, redan skrivit om det i min senaste post. Tack för tipset dock. :)