Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time for the torture

In Sweden a strange story is unfolding about some poor 14y old girl that got raped. Apparently the entire community where she lived turned against her and celebrated the admitted and convicted rapists. A rapist that later raped another girl and got convicted for that crime as well.

I’m not going to get into that story too much. Instead I feel it is time for the government to move in with their torture units. Surely drugs were involved here, and the two girls probably have been behaving a bit strangely afterwards. The entire community and, more to the point, their kids need to be investigated.

In accordance to the Justice Minister and her cronies any adolescent below the age of 15 can be picked up, forced down and be tapped for blood, urine and be made to suffer through different cohesive action against their and their parents will. All under the suspicion that drugs might be involved.

Surely drugs are a big part of this mess? Maybe the whole community is doing GHB?

The law in question hasn’t really been passed yet, but I would recommend they do so soon. We cannot have raped girls behaving strange, boys raping while classmate’s is cheering on. Very strange activities that need forcible investigation, so time for the torture.

Furthermore, I think Beatrice Ask must resign.


  1. "Maybe the whole community is doing GHB?"

    No, it's called "bymentalitet". In a small community (sometimes) the collective impression of a crime committed by a seemingly average person (ie, not a member of say Hells angels) makes the community itself feel guilty by association, and the usuall first reaction for a someone accused, well...

    So it is not that strange really, and it is the same mechanism that we like to piont finger at the middle east and such for their "honor" culture for, if you think about it.

  2. And my post just went 'swooch' over your head didn't it?

  3. I found it great actually, but opinions are like an ass-hole, everyone got one.

  4. "And my post just went 'swooch' over your head didn't it?"

    So what you really meant was that, or ..what exactly?

    If it was the talk about drug tests got nothing to do with this. It started long before this saw the light.

    But some people with opinions are like arseholes, mostly ill informed. ;)