Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sophie Zelmani have a new record out

There are very few artists I’m willing to pay for listening to; Sophie Zelmani is one of those few. You see most artists release an album that maybe contains one or two good songs, or they release one record that is good and the rest is crap.

Sophie never lets you down.

Her blissful and joyful country-like pop have a slight suicidal touch I love. Kind of like a happy and enjoyable melancholy, if there is such a thing. Although she’s not always perfect in the English language her songs are like embalmment to the soul. I can listen to her all day and love every minute of it and still not remember a single song or note. Every time I turn her music on I zone out and when the music stops, I’m back. Kind of like mediation.

Despite still being pretty unknown she sells hundreds of thousands of records each year and is loved as few artists are.

Oh, and did I mention she is sexy as hell?

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