Thursday, March 18, 2010

The She-devil is at it again

Swedish Social Democrat leader Mona Sahlin has blasted Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan over threats that he would consider ordering 100,000 Armenians to leave Turkey.

I hardly see why.

Firstly those 100,000 Armenians the Turkish guy talked about are not Turkish citizens and he’s not considering throwing out the 50,000 or so Armenians with Turkish passports, only those dwelling within Turkish borders without citizenship.

I know there are semantics here, but if we stick to this fact alone, which country in this world would allow them to stay? Sweden certainly wouldn’t. Or is the ugly supposed female Sahlin telling me that her party hasn’t thrown out thousands of people for the very same reason?

If Sweden had 100,000 of any kind of nationality within its borders, ‘illegally’, they would also, with a few working people as exceptions, live under the threat of getting thrown out.

Secondly, the most xenophobic political party in Sweden is the Social Democrats. Not officially or seemingly looking how they have let in tens of thousands of people, but rather how refugees and immigrants are threated on the labor market and in society.

The lefties love immigrants because they are easily fooled into welfare and state-dependence and so will vote for the left. But lefties hate immigrants even more since they do everything they can to keep them out of the working force and down in suburbs and poverty.

Oh, and remember how they treat Polish doctors or Estonian construction workers? Conform, obey or get out is the message sent to those from the Social Democrats.

The so called “racist” party doesn’t want immigrants or at least less of them. To me this is more honest then to let people come and then threat them like shitty voting machines.

And the bitch herself who’ve hired black laborers, paid for her own lavish lifestyle with parliament credit-cards, travel around the world courtesy of taxpayers and never done an honest day work of her entire life, shouldn’t say a word.

I think we can deal with Turkey. They give us 100,000 Armenians and we give them 100 prominent Social Democrats.


  1. Det är ju inte bara mona som suger utan var ju alliansen som bajsade rakt i fejjan på turkiet.

    Tack vare dem kommer turkiet att köra in sin stridsspets i rumpan varje gång de försöker göra något.
    Bra gjort alliansen, ni ...förstörde nog det mesta, även vår demokrati Förstår varför allt kommer gå åt helvete!.

  2. Talet 100 000 är taget ur luften.Turkarna ger sken av att deras skitiga land är en sådan stor ekonomi som lockar dit folk men antalet armenier i Turkiet som bor och arbetar där är bara 10-12 tusen.