Thursday, March 18, 2010

A memorial day, really?

Yes, the loony Defense Mentalist of Sweden have decided that it is time we supported our under-equipped non-combatant ‘guards’ (?) of peace and give them salutes, a costly monument and their own memorial day.

This is laughable on so many levels. Not the supporting the troops idea, I am all for getting behind Swedish soldiers and would probably be one myself if we actually fought in war protecting freedom and capitalism. This isn’t the case though.

I do guess seeing the occasional dead dog and Muslim families starving because of American Imperialism do take its toll. Cleaning an AK-5 each day isn’t fun and driving around in vehicles a beebee-gun easily could penetrate the hull of may raise the pulse a percentage or two, but it is not really the stuff of legends worthy of monuments now is it?

Reading how we should “rally behind our troops” and how the dead coming home in coffins are heroes and now this load of manure makes me think this is some sort of parody of American movies.

Listening to a US president when he’s saying these sorts of things have a certain feel to it that almost sound real and honest. Hearing Swedish politicians saying the same thing about Swedish soldiers who are mostly engaged in the grisly and difficult task of handing out candy and water to the local drug farmers in Afghanistan isn’t really the same thing.

Swedish soldiers haven’t been involved in any conflict since the Napoleonic wars 200 years ago but they do have a good reputation internationally and we had done some good throughout the years, mainly under UN-flag.

Helping war criminals slaughtering Muslims isn’t the highlight of peace-keeping though, but maybe they deserve some recognition. A cake and some lemonade at the airport after finishing their tour, a medal for the heroics of protecting a growly hillside of dirt no-one want - that sort of thing.

But a monument? Why? Are our politicians running out of things to throw money at? And a memorial day? Please... for what exactly? If they feel it necessary to build a statue or memorialize someone, do it for the men and women trying to work within the bureaucratic public health-care system. Or how about building a statue over the common man, who is overtaxed, over-regulated, monitored by dozens of agencies and hardly can get to work because paying for gasoline takes almost all of the salary the government hasn’t already stolen.

Okay, let’s say we should be more positive and supportive of Swedish troops; I’m not totally estranged to that idea. But does that include all tasks and conflicts?

Patrolling the Gaza strip or standing in-between Turkish and Greek forces on Cypress isn’t really the same thing as backing up British troops fighting an unjust and illegal war in Afghanistan. Helping people in Congo isn’t the same as helping US marines and the CIA grow poppy fields.

The Swedish Defense Mentalist seemingly wants to appeal to our national feeling and some conservative vein of pride over soldiers in general. That’s idiotic at best, dangerous at worst. Soldiers protecting their own country or in unison with others protecting peace and democracy by presence is one thing, indirectly helping with the murder of millions of Muslims is another.

The troops should come home and be stationed around our border, not be in a far away country protecting a corrupt regime and aiding a warring faction in a conflict we have nothing to do with.

I’m not supportive of the Defense Mentalist ludicrous ideas and will certainly not be waving any flags over troops helping others commit war-crimes. This has a vile stench to it and the Swedish people should recognize that and demand we bring our boys home.

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