Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Socialism works!

The pink shimmering leftie heaven of North Korea have proven itself a lot lately.

A couple of days ago a man got executed for cell phone use. North Korea has stringent laws regarding cell phone usage. The authorities only allow folks to make national calls and even these ones are restricted to the Pyongyang area. Thus, there was a ban on making any international calls. But one man didn’t obey the governments rule, and consequently and rightfully, he got shot. Disobeying government is horrifying and the socialists need to show this and put the people back on track so to say.

The cell phone user was killed via firing squad for disobeying the law, apparently a favorite way of execution among lefties in North Korea since another man got shot at a firing range yesterday blamed for the failed currency reform.

As we all know the state is never wrong so when an economist get orders to do something and fails, it is not the governments fault, it is the economists for not doing his job. Also, he was an anti-revolutionary element and a son of a large landlord who sneaked into revolutionary ranks and deliberately sabotaged the state economy.

Thankfully the North Korean people always have lots of food on the table and the happiest life of any people on this planet.

Socialism works!

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  1. Hear, hear! Not long ago a then swedish prime minister mourned and said it was unfontunate that East Germany fell and became a western democracy. Soon we might usher in his successor with the same political opinion as the new prime minister of Sweden.