Friday, March 19, 2010

Killed by a gun? No way!

In the gun-free zone of Sweden nobody is armed, self-defense is outlawed and everyone obey the ban…

I’ve been writing about shootings in my birth nation for a couple of days now. Every day is a shooting and pretty much every day someone dies from a shooting. Feeling safe do we?

Criminals are armed. If they don’t have knives they have guns or maybe chainsaws. You’ll be very lucky if getting raped, mugged or beaten down by someone(s) not armed. You see criminals don’t care if guns are outlawed, they are criminals. So if you get raped, thank your lucky star if the rapist isn’t armed.

Swedes love to thrash down on Americans and their gun-right laws. Apparently every gun-toting maniac in the world lives in the US and they are all either religiously crazy or pure lunatics wanting to go on a spree. This is what we’re told in European media in general and Swedish media in particular.

Sure the occasional shooting in Germany, Finland or any other place may reach the headlines, but nothing top how we gorge ourselves in self-righteousness when Americans do the killing. And every time we beat our chest in pride over having anti-gun laws. Because in Sweden we don’t allow guns so no-one ever get killed by guns. Right?

We can talk statistics or semantics, but whatever that might convey it is secondary. A person should have the absolute right to defend him/herself, and that is what matters.

By outlawing guns our rights have been violated three times over.

Firstly when government says we cannot own something, they take away our property right.

Secondly we cannot defend ourselves in a proper way. In effect the smaller and weaker you are, the more government is thrashing you. A 90lbs petite girl attacked by 2 men hasn’t a chance, but a gun equalizes this. If you are handicapped, alone, old or greatly outnumbered only a gun will put you above or equal to your attacker. Government has taking this away from us.

Thirdly, we have the right to protect ourselves from government itself. If a fascist or communist regime takes power or if a foreign power attacks, most of us are defenseless. They want it that way and this is also the real reason why guns are banned.

Actually it is not hard to come to the conclusion that an unarmed populace is automatically an enslaved populace.

There are shootings in Sweden every single day. Most of the time it is criminals shooting at other criminals, but not always. Families get destroyed, homes wrecked and fear spreads.

And fear is what they want. If we feel afraid we want government to protect us. The more afraid we are, the more laws, the more police and the more the war on crimes becomes everyone’s business.

They want us afraid and defenseless in addition to being outgunned and outnumbered. This is how they rule and this is why we don’t have gun-rights. This is why it is so important that we demand this right back.

Free people owns guns, slaves don’t.

Furthermore, I think Beatrice Ask must resign.

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