Friday, March 19, 2010

We must cloak the ship captain!

Published in the journal Science German scientists say they have created a three-dimensional invisibility cloak. Of course this is on a microscopic level and more testing is needed, I can still not help thinking space travel and hiding a ship of exploring humans from some menacing aliens.

Also, these advances in optics could one day be used in telecommunications or computer technology or simply to further scientific knowledge. If this claim holds that is.

But any sci-fi applications are probably centuries away and even human size objects will take decades before we’re able to cloak, but the technology is seemingly there which always is fun. Now we’re waiting for fusion generators and better equipment and our journey among the stars may begin.

Well, Mars first, we need to colonize another planet nearby before embarking on longer travels. And hopefully we do that soon, before we’ve destroyed our current one.

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