Friday, March 19, 2010


Sweden cannot have a Justice Mentalist that wants families to know if their husbands or fathers are SUSPECTED of buying sex.

Ask made her controversial statements at a parliament seminar on prostitution, saying that a sex-buyer's family and friends should be informed.

"I could imagine having envelopes in a very garish colour and sending them home to people suspected of this offence," she said.

This goes against everything a modern day justice system should be. According to this woman, who hopefully for her sake had been licking on toads before saying these things, you only need to be a SUSPECT for buying sex and everyone should know about it.


She must resign.

During the time of the current administration several ministers have resign for lesser things like not paying fees; this is much, much worse.

Wanting to use armed police to force kids to take drug tests without parents consent was bad enough; this is however the worst thing a representative of government and the law can say.

If she gets her way, lots of innocent people will be branded among their peers forever.

She must resign!

And those mentalists and soul-sucking entities in suits sitting in government; they cannot have a person like this around. How can they win a general election or even talk about what they want to do with the country with a lose time-bomb like her around? The correct political decision is to sack her, now.

Strangely the news hardly brings this INNOCENT thing up. What the hell are journalists doing!?

What if a journalist have juicy story about some police officers or a member of parliament and the moment they are about to break it, suddenly an illuminated envelop pops up and everyone thinks that journalist is a pervert.

Anyone can become a SUSPECT.

You can visit some escort service online or walk down the wrong street and you’re a SUSPECT.

I’ve never been in a rally my entire life, but if there are some people out there wanting to fill the streets and burn torches outside parliament until this horrific woman is thrown out, I’m there.

This is by far the most dangerous and outrageous statement and opinion ever uttered by a minister during my lifetime.

She must resign!

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