Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Fantasia bubble

Oh my, even the press is starting to get it.

(Reuters) - Portugal became the latest euro zone country to announce austerity measures to rein in a ballooning budget deficit on Monday as debt-stricken Greece urged global action to curb speculation in credit default swaps.

But maybe even funnier is how things are starting to pick up in Spain.

They tried to whip up a self-cleaning incantation. They said it would be just like Fantasia. Jaunty tunes, happy dancing things, everything would be fixed. No worries. Anyone need more ‘green shoots’?


And we all know how splendidly Fantasia turned out for Mickey…


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  1. Great post, apocalypse!

    Sadly, it is a message that the majority just won't get.

    Thanks for posting.