Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Captain Logic is not steering this tugboat

The Greeks are not really carrying gifts; rather they are out asking for ‘em. We need hand-outs they say while they continue with the same policies and don’t do anything about the bureaucracy and corruption that is as much at fault as Evil Inc. (Goldman Sachs) and their co-conspiracists hiding-the-Greek-debts scam.

To a point the olive oiled Prime Mentalist of Greece does make a degree of sense. If Greece defaults entirely, which they should and very well might do, what does that do to the Euro-zone and what kind of ripple effects will it have? Surely it cannot end well.

However, the real mess that would emerge if US of A and/or the other European countries come to the rescue is far worse. If one country gets bailed out, why not the next one? Italy is on the brink, Spain likewise. Portugal has great problems and is about go through the same mess as Greece. And if the Gorgon of UK is allowed to continue on his path Britain will certainly follow down the abyss.

Are we supposed to think that the ‘only’ partly messed up Nordic countries along with Germany will pick up the pieces indefinitely?

Maybe the real question is how much electricity they need to print more money?


  1. Greece is having to face what all socialist nations have to face - their policies don't work.

    Crunch time. Will it be the death of the Euro? I hope so!

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