Friday, January 8, 2010

Spain plunges deeper and deeper

It seems that it is not enough for Spain to have a jobless rate of 17% and a deeply in-debt country that sinking further down into debt for each day, oh no, they also have a funny soon to be law in regards to internet. Probably suggested because of their problems... Justice Mentalist Francisco Caamano and the rest of the malevolent thugs running the country are seemingly going to grant Judges the power to close down internet sites on a whim.

I told you so, and I will continue to say so. What we’ve seen so far with ACTA, IPRED and all the rest of the fascism is only the beginning. And this regardless of what color any particular government may have, they are all complacent.

Can it be stopped? I don’t think so, not seen over time. Only well-placed bombs under a couple of EU buildings and the same on similar locations around Europe going off at the same time may prevent it. So basically the only option you have is to gain computer knowledge superior to that of the government to stay one step ahead.


  1. It can be stopped... STOP STEALING OTHERS WORK...
    Easy as 1-2-3... It is the copyright stealing people that forces these laws.

  2. Patrick, you are wrong.
    The main problem is an industry with lots of political power, unable to keep up with new technology, introducing laws to control the people.
    The second problem lies with governments STEALING MONEY and freedom from the people.

  3. Anonymous, you are wrong.
    I´m guessing you work, every day you go to work and you produce something, sorting mail, taking care of sick people, make webpages, what ever...
    I´m guessing someone pays you for this? Would you do it for free? Just becasue you are unhappy with the system, doesn´t give you a right to steal, that is just stupid.
    And how is the goverment stealing your money...? With taxes? I´m guessing again, but we have roads, healthcare, schools...

  4. @Patrick Start learning the meaning of copy and steal. Then write your comment. Before that you only show how stupid you are.

  5. @Anonymous
    Woooooo... Tough guy! Anonymous and all...
    You are going to tell me that if you copy the BMW instead of stealing it, you havn´t commited a crime? Yes, you have, the Customs stop copies of brand clothing every day...
    Your turn, tough guy...

  6. what if I copy a recipe from an expensive and fancy restaurant and cook it in my own home for my girlfriend.. should I go to jail for that too?

    /Another anonymous

  7. If I cook with electricity I bought, the energy that action produce then, to a large part, goes out in the air. Who owns that energy? Who owns any form of waves of energy or information? Can it be owned and if so, how do we measure it?
    But whatever anyone thinks of property rights or whatnot that has nothing to do with these laws. If you think so, you’ve been fooled. It is about control.

    “He who controls the flow of information, controls the world.”

  8. Everything for a free ride, right? Pay for your stuff instead of talking big words...

  9. Actually, according to most surveys done, downloading stuff for free (which you’ve got stuck on) leads to more purchases. Most within the entertainment industry aren’t losing money as of late, in fact even despite our current financial worries, things have hardly looked better. For myself I use the access to check things out before I buy them. A sort of confirmation of the quality.

    However, as said, that has very little to do with this. The downloading of “free” stuff is a very small part of the sharing that goes on. Movies, music and such make out a fraction of what actually goes on. Most of it is pure information; it’s about documents, facts, numbers, news and so on. That is what we’re really talking about and THAT is what the PTB wants to regulate.

    And if you check around, hardly anything, with the exception for the very latest stuff, pretty much every movie, TV-show or music is available for free by the hands of those that own it. If you use YouTube or any other number of sources you can get pretty much anything, legally.

    Remember when the radio came? The same story. The same with CD’s, vinyl, TV and other things like Spinning Jenny, the light-bulb and airplanes. All of mankind’s historical advances have been subjected to the same argument as you make. Do you wanna go back to the dark ages perhaps? Because that is what you’re really saying.

    But as said, that is secondary. The primary reason for my, and pretty much everyone else’s opposition against this creepy fascism, is because of the restrictions and laws that governments are imposing. You see, it’s about control. They don’t want to save children or stop thievery, they want to control us. That is all it is and no matter how you put it, if you’re for these restrictions of information-flow you are in fact for totalitarianism.

  10. So? If Bono or Metallica doesn´t want there stuff downloaded, it is their choice, what ever the surveys say. Is it so hard to understand?
    And no, I don´t remeber when radio came, i am born in the 70s.
    What you "free spirits" don´t get is that YOU bring the creepy fascism....
    Which came first, terrorism or GSG9...? Which came first, destroying cities during G8 summit or "lymmellagen"?

  11. So if they play Metallica on the radio, is it illegal? On MTV? When it ends up on YouTube? If you buy their record and copy it, is that illegal? How many notes can I change before it stops being theirs? How many instruments?
    When does it become illegal? When you upload or download? When it is ones and zeroes or when I burnt it onto a disc? If they thought of a new song, when does it become theirs? In their heads? When half is finished? As soon as it exist in a computer?

    What if I print their notes or lyrics, is that infringement? Can I record their concert on video? On a cell-phone?

    Most of these and hundreds of other questions are very hard to answer and create impossible situations. And what we are talking about isn’t physical objects, they exist only as information. How can you own words? Notes? If I copy one of your sentences, should I be locked up? If you can own certain combination of notes, why not the single note?
    You haven’t thought this through and until you answer all of these questions and many others, the whole situation cannot be argued the way you do.

    And you still haven’t got it. Even if you somehow manage to resolve all of the above, what about an essay? Is that subjected to ownership? This blog? Can I sue you for writing here? How about a news-article or the news itself? Can that be owned and if so, when, how and in what way? And when does the information become illegal to obtain? When I read it? Haven’t my brain copied it and shouldn’t that be illegal?

    And you cannot compare flows of energy that has changed form thousands of times and traveled through millions of cables and computers with the physical act of violence. All you do is to show the rest of us that you haven’t understood a single thing. Or maybe you’re thinking that the planning, executing and aftermath of a terrorist attack can be singled out as ownership? Can Al Qaida claim property rights over a bombing? If a news station send information about how a terrorist have blown up a building, can the terrorist sue the news station or the journalist? And how far does it go? If I write about it on this blog, can the terrorist then sue me?

    This isn’t about “free spirit”, it’s about socialists, fascists and control-freaks wanting to surveillance the populace. The ONLY reason for any politician to legislate about this is to control what’s going on.

    Until you understand that 99.99% of all the things that flows through internet have nothing to do with torrents or downloads, you’ll only make a fool out of yourself. And when you do understand this you’ll also understand why it is so important that we don’t regulate, control and legislate it.

  12. Where do you get the figure 99,99% are not torrents and downloads? Fantasy island...?
    I study law, and when I write an essay, for example, everything that is taken somewhere else have to be shown in the notes, law text are not copyrighted. Why should you be able to protect a single note? It is the whole musical piece that is protected.
    Al Quida claiming a right over a bombing...? No, but the video they take of the bombing...
    Flow of energy...? Are you for real?
    As I said before, start paying for your music, movies and what not and the regulations will end. Where would a company like Sony Ericsson be if technology couldn´t be protected...?
    And it is very poor form to keep referring to me as a fool, just because I don´t agree with you... And i try to answer your questions, so answer mine, which came first "lymmellagen" or the activist tearing up cities...?

  13. You still don’t get it. What you’re outlawing isn’t only the finished product; a song for example. You also outlaw the notes, the instrument used and so on. In essence you’re outlawing property rights for everyone else. Not only in direct sense, which I know is hard for people like you to understand, but also in the second step. For instance I cannot use my VCR or DVD-player or CD-burner as I wish. Why is this so hard for you to understand? If you’re for property rights, you need to be against these fascist laws.

    And yes, this is partly about energy. We use energy to upload, download, to power the computer. And we use energy (waves) to transmit the information flow. We use energy to record, play and write songs. All we do is in this case having its base in energy. If I buy energy from an electrical company and use that on my hot-plate to make dinner, not all of that energy is used. Some of it dissipate, who owns that energy? Do I? Another thing this is about is immaterial information. It does not even exist as paper or in any physical form, how can that be property? And if it can, why isn’t the thought process property? Haven’t I stolen a song if I know it in my head? If I hum on a lullaby, should I pay royalty?

    You haven’t answered any of these questions, and until you do everything you say falls flat. And it doesn’t surprise me that you study law. Any such individual becomes detached from reality and only see what the law says, not caring about alternatives or if the law is just. A ruling becomes God, the court becomes the way of the game. This is firstly about right and wrong, something that has very little to do with law, which most law-students and people within the system don’t care about or ignore.

    And again, you’ve missed the point. Even IF people, as you say, started paying for everything and all my questions becomes answered, the regulations wouldn’t stop, the laws would keep coming. There’s always another pedophile, another terrorist, another smuggler, another online-bully or hacker. The very essence of any legislation is that it grows, expands, have exceptions that needs to be adjusted, technology goes further which ‘demands’ new laws and so on and so on. This is one of the few constants in the universe; that any law and regulation will automatically lead to more laws and more regulations.

    And I am not one of those that download stuff, almost all things I do buy, however sometimes I do download something to check it out before I buy. Many companies have figured this out and hand out Beta-versions and such.

    But still, this is a drop, it is nothing in the scheme of things, the miniscule part of the information flow that is, per your fascist definition, outlawed, have nothing to do with this. As long as you think that downloading a movie is what this is about, you’ll never get it. No matter how many laws, no matter if you become judge or Justice Mentalist in the future, you’ll still not gotten it.

    You’ve not answered a single question I’ve asked, and the only ones you’ve asked are totally irrelevant. A terrorist act or any form of physical interaction with physical objects is a completely different and separate thing. Even as a law student you should be able to grasp this, the last time I study the law it had separate chapters and lawyers usually have specific areas of expertise.

    You also mention patent for inventions; that too is a different subject. Also something you should know. Let’s stick to what we’re talking about and you answer my questions and ask relevant back.

  14. So explain to me, o oracle, what it is about...