Friday, January 8, 2010

The penis of Gary Coleman

This little poor semi-famous actor apparently tried to break up a locker room fight on camera, his robe flies open, briefly revealing his manhood in full, getting his private parts captured on film for the world to see.

The name of the flick? "Midgets vs. Mascots"

But the actor’s good fortunes didn’t stop there. After flying to Los Angeles to prevent the footage of his penis from airing, he ends up in the hospital after an apparent seizure.

This is probably yet another attempt from a falling star to attract some attention; however I like it when some males also are exposed. In this I need to side with the feminists. Breasts and cunts are shown all the time, but a willy in full glory is a more rare breed. Not that I really care for a small dick on a small body, well I don’t care about penises in general, other than my own pride and joy, but still I find this a good politically correct exposure.

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