Friday, January 8, 2010

Muhammad pictures again

Some Norwegian newspaper has decided to show the”controversial” Muhammad picture that got some Danish paper threatened a couple of years back. Seemingly to support Kurt Westergaard, the Danish man behind the original drawings, that was attacked the other day.

The whole thing is ridiculous isn’t it? I mean pictures? It’s like a big old sandy desert filled with bickering kids. ‘Oh, you show a picture of my daddy, am going to kick your ass’. ‘Yes, I did, and now I’m going to print it again. Nanananana!’

Do a piggy-face and stick out your tongue why don’t ya.


The Islamic morons go ape-shit every time throwing Jihads around like its candy, and stupid westerners continue with the ‘nananana’-taunting while their western armies are bombing Muslim villages and murdering Islamic families in several countries. Can this end in any other way than utter disaster?

And lastly some very loosely connected porn, just in case some readers still (don’t) like me.


  1. As long as someone says "I'm going to kill you if you say nanana to me" we will have to say nanana until the nanana-ed says "So what, I don't bother" or does not react at all. If you dont understand the difference, I'm afraid you are the idiot.

  2. Sure, that however wasn’t my point in this post, the ridiculousness was.

  3. OK, but please acknowledge that the ridiculous behaviour is on the islamist side. Also please note: I said ISLAMIST not MOSLEM side. And I expect all faithful moslem believers to loudly voice their disdain of the islamist view.

  4. Well, I don't use the "Moslem"-word at all, but to a certain extent you're right of course. In this little debacle the Allah-worshipers are the biggest idiots, however, that don't take away the idiocies that "the other side" is doing, and then I'm not only talking about the drawings as you probably understand from reading my text. One needs to see this in a context, which I do think you actually miss.

  5. You know it's not just's all religious people. It was the same thing with Piss Christ by Andres Serrano.

    Well...maybe they are a bit more sensitive, but god knows what kind of pictures they imagine in their heads.

    The ultimate practical joke would be to SAY you're publishing insulting Muhammed cartoons without actually doing it...and then just lean back and watch as some illrepresenting idiot burns an embassy down =)

    Btw, babes in burka is the ultimate crowd pleaser ^^