Friday, January 8, 2010

Rapists love manmade global warming

The Miami Herald has an interesting article today about the cold creeping in over the western world. Apparently poor defenseless child-molesters and underprivileged rapists are banned from shelters and under state law, sex offenders can't live within 1,000 feet of schools, child-care centers, parks or other areas where kids congregate.

Instead they live under or near the Julia Tuttle Causeway. Depending on whom you ask, from 34 to 70 sex predators and offenders still live under or near the bridge.
Wilson, a sex offender who served 18 years in prison, said they were told that emergency shelter is offered to them only in a hurricane.

``Even if I leave, how will I live? I have no job and no car to get there,'' said Wilson according to the Miami Herald.

Awww… No car, no job and ‘forced’ to live outside and no one to rape in sight? How can society be so cruel? And if that isn’t enough, the weather keeps refusing to comply with bribed climatologists predictions.

I think it is time to start driving our cars again, heat up those factories, make the volcanoes release more gases, we need more manmade global warming, otherwise these unprotected and suffering poor souls may be exposed to more cold.

And imagine yourself in their shoes, wouldn’t you rather rape someone when the sun is shining and it’s not so wet outside rather than during a blizzard? Colder weather also makes it harder to find good victims not to mention the shrinkage-factor. Why won’t someone think of the molesters?


  1. Interesting. However, I'm not sure it adds up. Most rapes are committed in house by someone the victim knows:

    It seems to me unlikely that a person would place himself in a totally dark and freezing cold forest waiting for some girl walking by. Am I wrong?

    I could not find any good statistics supporting the thought that warm weather would be an attributing factor for more rapes. Sweden vs. Brazil?

  2. It's only a matter of time before someone seriously tries to convince us with words such as "paedophobe".

  3. Well, if you’re gonna kidnap a child from the schoolyard or pick up some random girl at the mall to take home to the basement; wouldn’t you rather have a warmer weather? Regardless, the point is that these guys have already been convicted but is now suffering because of the cold ergo we need to crank up the heat.