Monday, January 18, 2010

South America Funnies

Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez has decided to ‘nationalize’ joint French and Colombian-owned Company Exito. The fatty despot decided to do so after accusing said firm of hiking its prices, something Chavez have decided is illegal.

The reports don’t really say whether or not the accusation is correct and since all Venezuelan press is controlled by the dictator it’s hard to confirm. What is funny however is that tension between Colombia and Venezuela is bordering on outright hostilities already, although the French will wave white flags as always, I’m not so sure Colombia will.

On related news Chile's presidential election was won by Sebastian Pinera, hence bringing forth another thorn in Dictator Chavez rear-end. Mr Pinera, not really a friend of either to the dictatorship on Cuba or the one in Venezuela cannot be a good present to the Venezuelan blob set out to control the continent. With Honduras already proven its loyalty to democracy it seems that Chavez is stacking up losses at the moment as well as facing a crippling economy.

Can this end well? Probably not. The only question in my mind is whether Venezuela will first impose death-camps or start a war, maybe at the same time? I wonder if there are Vegas odds to play…


  1. This is really funny, calling mr Chavez for dictator.

  2. Yeah, the despot in question is kind of funny. Noticed how he grows fattier for each picture? That alone is hilarious...

  3. Naturalmente is Loco Chavez a dic,tator.

  4. What country is Columbia? new country?
    I feel sadness for the peolple of Chile, voting back the antidemocratic right its insane.
    Well the time will show them.

    Funny blogg by the way

  5. @Peter
    Thanks, noticed I'd missed one of those. Thank you.

    And lets see what happens. Sebastian Pinera may be a madman or a part of the same agenda as previous idiots 'left' or 'right', but as said, lets see