Monday, January 18, 2010

Some more, these ones got away

Just like the other day some youngster went into a small store with a knife and robbed it. The difference was that this store owner wasn’t armed so the robbery was a success.

So instead of a dead criminal we have a robbed store with a shocked clerk, and we have a happy robber that can do the same many times more and if he’s not highly stupid he can keep doing it for a long time. The story don’t tell us whether the store owner had gotten rid of any protection because of the unjust pro-criminal laws Sweden has, but in either case he should have been armed.

Another robbery happened at a person’s home, more than likely another unarmed citizen helplessly facing a bunch of burglars. So instead of a couple of bleeding intruders, we have the home owner at the hospital and many happy robbers.

There are also some others, the news are filled with defenseless people getting robbed, stabbed, raped, attacked, and hardly anyone can do anything about it because government has outlawed self-defense.

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