Monday, January 18, 2010

McDonald’s and other funnies about the blogosphere

An employee at McDonald’s in Sweden wrote some degrading comments on his blog about his employer and got fired. The local manager later wrote on his Facebook page that he was now the one that was laughing.

All is well so far.

You cannot really complain over getting fired if you’re writing lots of bad stuff about the company you work for. I don’t think I’ve ever done so myself, and if I have or will I would never use the company name, with the exception for the publicly owned ones of course. The manager in question probably is bad at his job, no real leader would write something like that on Facebook, and so maybe he should get fired as well, I know I would look over his record. But you see, this story isn’t about this, oh no, it is about blogging.

What kind of ethical guidelines should we really have? None? A few? Should blogs be regulated by government and should all writers be handed a diploma authorizing the usage of internet and blogs? Well, we all know most government would like the later; journalists would love that too, it would make it harder for people complaining about and thrashing media.

I write for fun, well to have fun on others expense. I'm paid nothing to do it, it costs me nothing to do it and I don't have any ads here and no oil-company is paying me to expose the Global warming hoax.

With the exception for my personal time, the total turnover for the blog is zero. Sometimes I’m spot on and write brilliant stuff, sometimes I’m only being obnoxious and misspell so it’s hardly worth the read. But whatever I do, it is my writings, my thoughts, my ideas. Although I sometimes steal sentences, facts or topics, almost everything here is my own creation. That’s the point you know, not for me, but for the righteous, that I use my brain, I work and do stuff for free. No committee has urged me to write, no government curriculum has taught me, no mainstream journalists check my writings. This will not do. How can we have free thinking individuals making claims and writing down their own thoughts without some control? People may start to question authority, maybe get ideas, and see things from a different angle.

This will not do.

And so, it’s only a matter of time before regulations and direct legislation aimed at bloggers comes into effect. I say ‘direct’ because as most of you already know, there are already laws that can be used to stop certain opinions and whenever Google or other search engine feels like it, they can block the content.

We can be absolutely sure about this. EU bureaucrats and some odd character in local municipals have already claimed this would be a good idea and who knows what things like ACTA will contain. And when politicians get revealed and forced to leave office because of the Blogosphere, their hatred increase.

There are already collage and universities that have ‘blog-writing’ as part of their course selection. Ten years down the line you’d probably need a degree as well as that diploma and heed any legislation that is meant to control your thoughts. This will of course put a hamper on the fun of writing, which is the eventual righteous point.

If lefties grab this development we who write blogs will be a part of ‘the social network of the people’ and we will be ‘writing things for the social good'. Oh, how fun that will be.

And have you noticed how they are already confining us to certain groupings? We have the 'right wing blogosphere' which contains gun-toting maniacs, racists, fascist and neo-liberals that all should ignore. Then we have the 'left wing blogosphere' filled with communists, rebellious bad writers and people who hates everyone. We have ‘expert bloggers' that get paid, have impact on society and are sometimes accepted by the mainstream media. We have the ‘political blogosphere' filled with elected officials that everyone should read, but hardly anyone does. And so on.

This grouping is also a part of the agenda. Just as in politics the righteous need the right-left paradigm to work its indoctrinating magic. The labels are also very important; a blog without a label needs one.

So in addition to the need of a degree as well as that diploma and heed any legislation that is meant to control your thoughts, you’ll be labeled and thrown into a certain group of people that is supposed to think, write and do whatever you do.

The thought police will drag us in this direction, mark my words.