Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kabul funnies

Battles are taking place in the centre of Kabul, the Afghan capital, with heavy gunfire and couple of suicide bombers reportedly involved in attacks on government ministries. The Taliban, of course, have claimed responsibility for this little bother. The president non-elect, Hamid Karzai, is trying to set up a corrupt cabinet and is probably scratching his hairy testicles at the moment. Not really sporting of the Taliban now is it?

Well, maybe not sporting, but surely smart. Not often you see thought-through attacks like these. Not only will the Afghan people get another scare the strikes will also bring into question the credibility of Karzai's authority and US Pick-pocket in Chief Oduma's military strategy in Afghanistan. Perfect timing, perfect target, if the execution of the attack reach similar levels of excellence you cannot call this anything else then a brilliant strategy.

Alky Aida seem to have something to learn from the Taliban, I mean when was the last time Bin Laden’s boys did anything smart?

I was thinking about the supposed ‘suicide bombers’ when I read about this. As far as I understand it from the scarce reporting they are still shooting, well some of them are anyway, apparently some bombs have went off, but someone(s) are still alive and kicking. Are they still suicide bombers if only one or two blows themselves up while the rest dig in and shooting take place?

And do they have one of those clocks that count down like a bomb in a movie? And there's a whole bunch of, of colored wires, and the suicide bomber isn’t sure which is the right one to cut (or what button to press), he might guess the green one, and then at the last second, "No! The red one!" and then click, it blows up (stops in the movie) with three-tenths of a second left from being shot. I wonder why no-one made such a movie, from the terrorist’s stand-point I mean. Maybe that’s a good tip for any future would-be terrorist – to film the act in real time, broadcasting it online.

According to BBC a statement on a Taliban website said the attack had specifically targeted government buildings and a hotel. Website? Really? I couldn’t find said website and the only information I could gather claims that the site is down. Maybe someone out there can find it?

I am curious. A Taliban website? Is this like filled with information about the Taliban? A smiling face to go with each attacker? Maybe they have a ‘2 attacks but pay for 1’ kind of a deal if you become member of their network? A Taliban website seems wrong somehow, but then again most of this world’s criminals do have their own sites. The Swedish Parliament for one, and BBC seem to have their own, so why not the less bloodthirsty Taliban?

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