Sunday, January 17, 2010

The less PC questions needed to be asked

A 35y old currently imprisoned in Sweden for the rape of a 14y old girl is now under suspicion for committing more sex crimes, apparently some committed during his time in Jail...

You see this guy got out of prison half a year before his latest offence, back then he served a 2 year sentence for raping a 13y old and while in prison using his internet connection to commit crimes and during one (or several) of many short-term leaves criminals get in Sweden (the poor, poor criminals you know...) it seems that he caught some more girls in his web.

Well with this background story in mind I’m going to address something I’d been pondering on for a while. I know most of you probably are thinking what useless justice system my birth-nation has or you’re having thoughts about stringing this guy up since the courts and police does nothing. Valid notion they may be, and I think my cut-the-hands-off-along-with-the-penis-and-lock-him-up-and-throw-away-the-key stand on this and similar issues are pretty clear. This is the sort of thing that makes a mob with pitchforks seem like a good idea.

However, as said, this post isn’t about that. What I’m getting at is how incredibly stupid so many girls must be.

Has too much TV scrabbled our kid’s brains so much that a sleazy man can lure any of them into his home? Most of these youngsters that has filed a complaint and most of the stuff he’s accused of happened online (yet another reason for the thought police to crack down on Internet usage) so not all of them have been physically violated, but still, what goes through the head of these girls? ‘Oh, here’s a nice guy, he’s helps me with my homework so of course I can undress in front of him and take his candy’

How about those hooded guys in a dark van offering candy; will most girls jump in without a single thought?

Don’t get me wrong, no female (or male for that matter) should ever be afraid of doing stuff like that. In a perfect world a dark alley is a joyful place and those people offering you candy just want you to be happy. And if government hadn’t outlawed self-defense maybe we would see more dead would-be rapists instead of many raped women. But what I’m getting at is that we don’t live in a tranquil world with fluffy pink clouds were everyone goes ‘lalalalala’ and picks flowers together, and if kids are so stupid that they haven’t learned this, well then we have a problem. If stupidity starts that early, maybe that explains why the world is a crappy place? And do we blame the parents?

And the really non PC question; were they really that stupid or did they want to be taken for a ride? For some this is the scariest question of them all. Of course a middle aged man chasing after pre-teens have his set of problems and the rapes cannot be excused, but what if some of these girls actually was looking for an older lover? Is that a valid question to ask? Is the age of consent a good law or something to be looked at?

As a parent or outside observer these later questions are not easy to even contemplate, but shouldn’t they be asked?

In my opinion I don’t think these girls were looking for a father figure to rock their boat, so they probably got tricked, which brings us back to the really pressing issue of stupidity. If 13-14-15y olds have the attention span of a carrot and the IQ of a watermelon, is there any hope for the future?

This level of idiocy probably explains why so many youngsters like communism.

Personally I mostly blame the public school system. Nothing can dumb down and pacify youngsters as government issued curriculums, nutty left-wing lecturers and books that tell lies. We’re not brought up to think, to act and to be rational individuals. The schools, our societies and all the henchmen of the PTB do everything they can to bring us down. If we’re smart enough to think for ourselves we don’t need government doing the thinking for us so they try all they can to keep thinking to a minimum.

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