Friday, January 22, 2010

How Obama rule

Is it a coincidence that the warmongering super spending Pick-Pocket in chief announces harsher rules comes to banks and financial firms at the same time as Goldman Sachs shows one of the biggest profits ever seen on Wall Street?

Well, let’s look at some of the facts shall we.

Timothy Geithner, the US treasury secretary, is one of those behind the plot to save the bank of AIG, and one of those behind letting Lehman Brothers go out of business. This wasn’t strange or had anything to do making tough choices; it was pure greed-calculations, nothing else. Look at the people in the Obama administration, its pure Wall Street and do you know from what firm these lobbyists mainly come? Goldman Sachs. How about that?

Henry Paulsen, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, was the one that decided to let Bern Stearns fail, a major competitor of Goldman Sachs. Lloyd Blankfein, Chief executive of Goldman Sachs, together with Henry Paulsen then decided to bail-out AIG for $85bn, the biggest payout of $12.9bn from AIG after this bail-out went to… *drum roll*… Goldman Sachs! And this just a couple of days after the same people deciding to not bail-out Lehman Brothers, the biggest competitor of Goldman Sachs…

Steven Friedman, former chairman Goldman Sachs, now at Federal Reserve, had the task of overseeing Goldman Sachs. And do you know what Friedman did during his “overseeing”? He bought 52000 shares in this company he was elected to oversee, and earned $3 million in the process. Mark Paterson, Goldman Sachs lobbyist, is chief of staff of Timothy Geithner.

And the list just goes on and on!

But this scheme does not stop there, Goldman Sachs got a huge bail-out from the Government they paid back just months later, because suddenly, with less competitors and tunneled money from AIG they were making money again.

And this is just one example, there are many more and no journalists are writing or talking about it. This is theft, robbery, and systematic fraud. It’s the biggest bank-heist of all time and it makes a criminal like Bernard Madoff looking like a shoplifter.

You cannot make this stuff up, it goes beyond cartoonish. No arch-enemy of any superhero could have come up with a more sinister plan.

You might think this is bad, and it is, but the worst thing about this whole scheme isn’t the frauds or the thievery, it’s not even the fact that American taxpayers are writing the checks. The worst thing about this whole mess is that the basic faults, the very foundation of this crisis still remains.

There are still different swaps going on. Financial institutes are still buying troubled assets, exchanging defaulting housing loans and propping up each other’s stock values and this time around it’s much worse since all that money comes from the government and it’s only consistent of air. And this is why the stock market is going up! The American government has used the printing machine to bail-out their banking buddies and the banksters in turn are creating massive amounts of fictive values while the main problems still lurks behind the scene.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the US banks that have failed so far, over 140 of them by now. Every single one of those banks have been written down (sometimes with over 60%!) because there is no real value. A common practice is that people who are defaulting on their loans are still living in their homes for years because the bank will not evict them. Why? Because then they would need to write those losses down on the books!

And how many of these tricksters and fraudulent thieves are incarcerated? None of them! In the meanwhile the government is overcrowding jails with harden criminals like pot-smokers and file-sharers. To me it’s a wonder that the American people isn’t shooting officials, storming the capital and stringing up banksters on lamp-posts all along Wall Street.

So how will this next scheme work? Well, you can be sure it will benefit some banks and companies, but not others because that's the name of the game.

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