Thursday, January 21, 2010

Boss ’nappings continues in France

I haft to admit, I have mixed feelings about the froggy madness we’ve seen going on with employees locking up and ‘kidnapping’ their employers and bosses.

Sure, my immediate reaction is to put a gun in hands of the ‘napped and let them shoot their way out, and that is still probably the most rational way of handling this. However, I do understand the frustration and anger plaguing these people.

But as usual lefties are targeting the wrong people. Okay, some of these spineless bossy wimps (why aren’t they at least armed?) may have it coming, but most do not. They are trying to save their company, save the jobs that are left. Cutting expenditures, drawing back benefits and laying of people are sometimes necessary and contrary to what socialists say, it is not a fun thing to do.

The main culprits in this situation (at least in many cases) are the robbing banks and the political sphere of evil-doers. The enemy class created the economic turmoil that have drawn us into a situation whereas we have an unnecessary amount of unemployed and poor people. So if the lefties, or anyone else, feel the urge to blame someone they should be burning down banks, stringing up politicians and shooting at journalists.

I think the smelly croissant chewing idiots should take a step back, maybe even talk with their boss, they too are suffering by the hands of the enemies of the people.

You see most people are paying for the scams, all ordinary people that is, and this includes managers and entrepreneurs as well as workers. This isn’t about capitalism, anyone saying that is lying or insane. But, it has also very little to do with socialism as I myself claim sometimes. It’s rather a fascist situation and the real fight is between all us normal folks and the elitists.

They’ve pitched us against each other. If socialist sees their libertarian boogiemen everywhere, conservatives detest everything progressive, and communists are busy fighting everyone, then no-one is seeing the real enemy.

It is time to wake up people. They are stealing from you, robbing us in broad daylight, they are imposing fascist regulations everywhere and their headquarters control almost everything in our lives.

Well, no-one will listen to poor little old me anyway, so I think I’m back to my original thought and kill all those snail-eating fucks. France is a stupid country; let’s just nuke the whole place.

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