Friday, January 22, 2010

110 000+ unnecessary deaths

Haitian officials have confirmed that the death toll from the January 12 earthquake now stands at over 110,000, with 193,000 more people wounded and another 609,000 forced into temporary shelters.

What if the same earthquake would have hit a developed less socialist country like the US or Sweden? How many dead would it then have been? Some hundreds, a couple of thousands maybe? And looking at that alternate reality there would be very little need for catastrophe help, hospitals would have been able to take care of and save many more, more houses would have managed to make it through the quake and there would be food and water to help most without outside help.

And if Haiti would have embraced true capitalism and real freedom, they would more than likely been able to help themselves in addition to sending blankets to a million homeless people in America and send money to a defaulting Greece.

You see this is the real problem, not the earthquake. Haiti is a very poor, underdeveloped third world country because they’ve been living with fascist rulers imposing socialist’s ways of living.

If we really wanted to help these people, we would send a package consisting of a Gun with lots of amo, a couple of instruction manuals, a fishing rod, a bag of seeds, some tools, introduction to what capitalism is and a sign that reads ‘this is the last time you’re getting our help’.

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