Friday, January 22, 2010

Buy one politician, get two thousand for free

A lot of people have been rattled in Sweden because apparently the opposition leader and the Prime Mentalist have both been shopping expensive accessories. Oh, and so because of this the world is coming to an end.

You might think I would jump all over such lavish spending - isn’t this a sign on how detached the elitists are? Aren’t they living on tax payer money? But I actually don’t care that much. Most of the stuff people are arguing about was ugly tasteless things, which is how far my concern goes. The elitists have bad taste, what else is new?

Instead I do care about the rittle-rattle of the printing press, the hundreds of billions they’ve handed over to the banks, the deficit, the housing bubble and unemployment numbers.

If you want to hang our officials over their personal taste in jewelry or because someone bought a handbag that could have feed a hundred hungry Haitians, by all means, go ahead. I think it is good that people are spitting at our elitists scums, no matter what the reason. But if you really want something to be concerned about this is not really it. It’s rather a distraction – ‘look at what I bought with my left hand while I steal two hundred billion from you with my right hand and hand it over to the rich and powerful’.

These people are murdering people daily, they are stealing you money while they tell you what to think, eat, drink, drive, and smoke. While they are out saying they want to help the common man, they pick his pockets and send his money to banksters and other elitists. And don’t get me started with the internet regulatory fascist crap they love so much.

This are the things you should be worried about.

But hey as mentioned - if a handbag and some trinkets get you to lay down on that grassy knoll, by all means, I applaud you.

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