Sunday, November 1, 2009

Where Anti-NWO people are wrong

After a weekend of bench drinking in good company I’ve spent most of the rest of the weekend watching the conspiracist documentaries that are pretty much everywhere now. As I have said before I don’t agree on all levels or on all issues but I do, however, agree on the basic assumptions and I also agree that the current system of greedyFascismStatismMadness cannot stand. Something needs to be done.

However, there are also a couple of other claims that we often hear from these anti-NWO people that is obviously wrong from an economic and political standpoint.

Nationalization of the central bank
This is highly stupid. When Sweden moved much of the decision-making of the money and central interest rates to its central bank I rejoiced. That’s a good thing. IF there should be a central bank, it should be privately run or at least be autonomous to such a degree that politicians not have any say whatsoever, except maybe for passing laws of restrictions.

A central bank totally in the hands of elected frauds is one of the worst things that can ever be. To no surprise we can find that one of Marx’s main goals on the road towards communism was a central bank in the hands of politicians. I rather have greedy, fascistic banksters in charge like in the case of the Federal Reserve, than having any congress or parliament running the scheme.

Nothing is as dangerous, not even the armed forces, to leave in the hands of politicians.

The Fed aside, that’s an own chapter, central banks should have few restrictions and a couple of constitutional decrees to follow, other than that there should not be a single connection between politics and the central bank. There should be a punishment of death to any politician that tries to influence, control or change the central bank policies.

And the ones being chosen to lead the central bank should, for example, be decided by 1/3 via parliament, 1/3 from private interest and 1/3 by a popular vote. They should only be able to sit one term of about 15 years and can never be replaced until their term is up. And maybe a chairman chosen by the king or president.

This is if we have a central bank at all, the best thing, of course, is to abolish all central governance of money and interest rates and let the market rule.

Globalization is bad
This is another stupidity we often hear, even from libertarians and conservative people, which is very strange. The very essence and a central piece of capitalism as well as for everything that has to do with freedom is globalization. Free trade agreement, like NAFTA, is great and should in this case be celebrated. Globalization is one of the main reasons why so many people have left the poverty line during the last hundred years or so. We need more of that, and less borders.

Of course there are built-in control functions, certain interests groups and such that have destroyed parts or have their own agenda, such things should be stopped and argued against, but not globalization and free trade in itself.

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