Sunday, November 1, 2009

qu'ils mangent de la brioche

The stage is set in the US. The plays have been made; all that is left now is those final straws. So far the American public has taken the non-violent approach with rallies and shouting-matches at town-hall meetings. However, this will sooner or later change. If they really knew how utterly screwed they’d been there would already be banksters and politicians dangling from lamp-posts.

The second American Revolution is on the way, and as usual media is oblivious.

The biggest heist of all time have just been carried out wherein banks first made trillions of dollars in fictitious scams, then when things turned south they handed over the bill to the taxpayers. Now they are using all that money to buy other companies, other banks and setting up off-shore holdings or saving it for the near future. One can only assume that once the US economy really collapses they will step in with all this stolen money and buy all the assets and real-estate for a penny on the dollar. It is hard not to stand in awe before this scheme, it’s so arch-villainy, so sinister in its core that nothing in human history comes even close.

To no surprise the American military have, or are about to, deploy over 400 000 troops on home-soil, while the police in conjuncture with boy scouts and many volunteer organizations are preparing to face libertarians, Ron Paul supporters and constitutionalists (i.e. the “terrorists”) on the streets.

One of the last remaining hopes for the republic was the Audit-the-fed bill that could have saved both the economy in the long-term and given the public the scape-goats they want to trial and blame. However, to no real surprise, that bill is now cut down and stripped of all real content so its purpose has evaporated. Goldman Sachs and Fed lobbyists have worked their magic to cover up their robbery and malicious intent.

All the while the lies continue to cometh and president Obuma cannot have a single campaign promise left that he hasn’t yet broken. Debts continue to sour, unemployment is now at Depression levels and more crashes are to be expected. The protests that has been widespread is put down in condescending tones and the protesters are getting to be blamed to be everything from racists thugs with swastikas to ignorant mobs controlled by a right-wing news station.

This cannot end well.

The only thing that surprises me is that there haven’t been more people going postal.

But sooner or later those sparks will ignite the flames. It’s just a matter of time.

We will probably haft to wait for the commercial real-estate collapse, a stock-market crash or something of the sort before people have had enough, but things are very volatile at the moment and if some careless high ranking official start saying “they can eat cake” about unemployed starving citizens there will be a “off with their heads”-response before the elected frauds knows what hit them.

A while back there was some talk about US getting to be divided into smaller parts into the future, I find that notion highly probable. Succession movements are very strong in many states and you know that when politicians, as always afraid of not being re-elected, start talking in those terms, there’s something really tangible.

History is in the making, right now. Media is missing it, but I’m hoping some of you are paying attention out there. The second American Revolution has already begun and just as with the first one, you cannot be surprised if the notion of rebellion spreads to other countries (Cough cough, UK, cough...).

There is really only one thing that may save the tricksters now, a large terrorist attack and/or another war to keep people busy...

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