Sunday, November 1, 2009


The Swedish central banks acts of financial terrorism seem to be working. The Swedish populace is borrowing like crazies. That now is the worst possible time, certainly in my lifetime, to borrow money and even worst of a time to buy fixed assets like housing or real-estate is ignored by clueless Swedes.

Minus derivatives but plus higher debt-GDP ratio the similarities with the US housing-bubble is striking. You need to go back hundreds of years to find worse economic decisions for the Swedish economy than that of the current central banksters’ madness. They have ruined the economy and the longer they are allowed to keep this up, the worse hang-over we are going to get.

The central bank should be leveled to the ground and everyone working at this horrible institution should be trialed for treason and locked away for the rest of their lives.

Even if you, the idiotic citizens, should share much of the blame, comes the day I do urge you all to write down the names of the criminals at the central bank and remember to blame them for our soon to be crashing and burning economy. In good times we would have about 2-4 years before this bubble bursts, now however, with the impending American and UK collapse and very overvalued stock markets, the reality will hit much sooner.

If you haven’t already; you should start piling up canned gods, dried-up food packages, oil, gasoline, suger, and guns. Also I would urge you all to look into the possibility of growing your own crops. When the shit really hits that famous fan, you’re going to need it.

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