Sunday, November 1, 2009

The next law(s) soon here

Apparently as many as half a million Swedes today use anonymous programs and such to hide themselves online. Even if some authorities have the means to track those people, the cost in money and manpower probably makes it a too hard of a task. Also, looking at the issue itself, it is clear that most government officials and departments have very little insight in how things really work.

So, what will the legislator do when their fascist laws partly have failed, since they cannot track and keep control over all people? Yeah, you guessed it, new laws!

How about a law that makes it illegal to use such services? Or maybe some additional fines and taxes aimed at companies supplying those services? But my favorite prediction is a law that makes it “illegal” to use such services. Not directly, of course, they cannot show their surveillance drooling in the open, but anyone using such a service will be guilty before proven otherwise. In effect this means that private company thugs or government cronies will break down your door, take your pc if they find out that you are being anonymous online. Because that implies you’re a shady character, you have something to hide, you’re probably a pedophile and we need to protect the public from people like you.

Such laws and supplementary bills are coming to a country near you soon.

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