Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Alternate universe of the righteous

Even before I left my long service within the belly of the beast I was more aware how the real world works than most around me. Maybe it was my very humble upbringing, maybe it was some epiphanies on the road, but I usually blame my intellect for seeing through the entire BS that makes up the system.

To be a more ordinary citizen outside all the trickery and dealings of the political class means you see things and talk to people in a different way. You’re no longer trying to win votes, you don’t need to make deals that makes the stomach hurt anymore, and you can relax and call people what they really are, even those you formerly associated yourself with. To be able to look in a mirror without feeling shame is a joyful occasion every time once you let go of the shadiness.

But having that in-depth perception and still knowing many of those on up high mixed with a good education, a globetrotter’s outlook and, at least according to myself, having a pretty smart brain makes the whole picture very bleak indeed.

There are two things all people should know, but don’t. And the problem is you can’t really tell anyone either. Some don’t believe you, others lack the smartness or the proper education, but for the most part people simply don’t care. So what I’m about to tell ya isn’t something you can agree with or discard automatically. This is something you need to learn for yourself. I can only give the hint and the basics, whatever you do with it, is up to you.

Firstly there is an absolute soap opera going on within all political bodies. Yes, there are intrigues and deals being made in pretty much every company or organization. Even harmless institutions like the boy-scouts or the local knitting-club have their pecking order and inner politics. However, with the political sphere things go into overdrive. Most of you probably understand and maybe even feel it to be necessary to have pacts and come to some kind of agreement, how else would we get to be governed? But what you don’t understand is how deep this really goes. The whole thing can probably be summed up with the realization that not a single one of the high and mighty would think twice about sacrificing their own grandma at the altar of the unclean one in order to get money, prestige and a seat at parliament. Most of the elitists I refer to would deny this emphatically, and pretty honestly at that, you see, they don’t really understand it themselves.

So think of the worst soapy TV-drama you know, take that times ten but leave the murders out (for the most part), and there you have it. That’s politics. And when you think of how these people live, dine, travel, buy suits and use taxi for our tax money, things start to unravel.

This is the first part. I know most of you are nodding your heads, feeling that you’ve found a soul mate that also hate politicians, but that’s the thing, 99% of you who read this do not really get it. It’s much worse than you think, it’s more despotic, more tyrannical and more out there than you can imagine.

Why? Because of the system, the politicians among themselves and the very basic foundation of democracy together with the very notion of having a ruling elite drive everything in this direction. It has always been like this, and always will.

Everything in this cancerous world is connected with agreements, voting processes, bribes, and lobbyists and so on. The only real try to come to terms with this was the American constitution. Sadly that has deteriorated into nothing but a piece of paper hardly worth wiping yourself with.

The second thing I would like you to understand is how far away in a distant land our elected exist. They exist in an alternate reality with completely different set of rules, and with no concept of how those beneath live. Now and again “a man of the people” arises to power, wearing a genuine smile, having worked at a factory he seems to be honest. There are three ways such a person can react to interacting with politicians. He can become one of them, which is very common given time. He can react with apathy when he understands how deeply rooted that smelly brown stuff really is - which either makes him an puppet since he lack the urge and power to think and work for himself or he leaves with his tail between the legs. The third way is that he becomes very frightened and scared he literally runs away and either becomes an eremite or puts on a ten-foil hat.

You only need to look at how the power elite acts come to the European Union to see how oblivious the ruling class is. Countries that have referendums need to hold them again and again until they get the “right result”. Mostly they skip those altogether since they know a popular vote wouldn’t give them the desired result. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of the voting process, but when so large chunks of the populace is clearly against something, and politicians drive it through anyway, that’s not really democracy and it goes to show how clueless the elitists are. Worse still, the real reason they refuse is not for a possible “wrong” result, instead it’s the über-mentality. They know better. Their world is a place of perfection; the lower beings need to follow. Bow down before us; we are the ones in charge.

This most of you actually see, at least partly, but you don’t have the full picture. As an example people think things might change if they vote for another party, that’s totally wrong. The only thing you do when you vote for any of the established parties is that you vote for the system. Nothing more, nothing less.

Think of it this way. Imagine a picture, in that picture are all the figure-heads of all the parties you can normally vote for. They stand together side by side, smiling, having had a nice dinner together last night, which you paid for. From left to right, they are all there, in the same picture. Below them is a couple of lines of text, and we’ll get back to that in a moment. For now focus on those representatives of politics in that picture. Now imagine someone taking a scissor and cuts them apart, still the same picture, but now separated into several parts.

They then use that same out-cut piece to put on their respective website. And you can read how horrible the opposition is and how fantastic the country will be with a couple of percent higher or lower tax.

Now, put them all together again in that first whole picture and read the text that will say:

We all want you to vote
We all want to rule you
We all want to control you
We all live on your money

People often argue that there is a degree difference in hell, and well, sure, they do have a miniscule point. I rather have a “right”-government because they understand economics a tad better and let us make one or two more decisions by ourselves than the substitute. But is it really a choice? If you have an option between taking a bullet to the head or swallow poison, is that equivalent to a real choice between two different alternatives?

Another good sign how totally out of touch our elected frauds are is when there is a crisis in the economy – somehow they always find a way to increase their own salaries and benefits while urging the rest of us to save and cut back on our salaries. At the very same time they lay off teachers and nurses they travel in a jet to some other country for a meet-and-great with other politicians talking about the scam of global warming. After they have flown back, emitting lots of fumes on the way, they say they had a breakthrough in negotiations while some crony keeps firing doctors behind the curtain. The “breakthrough” is, of course, higher taxes so people that are already losing their jobs need to pay more to the bottomless abyss of the treasury.

I can go on with lots of other examples, but to summarize, if we put these two facts together, there’s no hope for your country as long as you continue to fall for the trickery they bestow you. There is a built in function in politics which makes it impossible to end up anywhere else but in statism. Some would argue its fascism, and yes, you can name it that. Others would call it socialism, I don’t fully agree with that, even if you can see those traits as well. No political system can withstand this inevitable end-result, with the exception of libertarianism. The closer to liberty and capitalism your government is, the longer they can postpone the unavoidable, but in the end the greed, the power struggles and the very existence of an elitist class will end up in the totalitarian nightmare we are very close to today.

We have been sort of lucky in the west during the past 50 years or so, having a form of market economy and keeping social experimentations on half-speed. There have been a shift lately though and with the current financial crisis, that they have created, the speed has increased.

We are living in a very interesting time, it may be a turning point were more of you come to grips with I just told you, but in all likelihood we will see more and more of the same crap and soon armed and bloody rebellion. And when people walk down the street with pitchforks and torches, the elitists will still discard them as radical elements, racists or anarchists that don’t know what’s best for them. That’s how they work, that’s how they think.

Normally you are just a pedophile, a file sharing criminal or a money maker for their projects, but if you really complain, than you go from just ‘evil’ to be a target practice for the military and police.

It’s hard to see a way out of this mess other than an complete awakening of the people, but that will never happen, so what will we have instead…

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