Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The real reasons for internet control

I will try to percentualize why our bellowed grand leaders continue to implement laws and control function on online activity and internet functions. These are also the reasons why any current law or current agencies never will be enough, there will be an increase in government surveillance and there will be more and more inventive stuff conjured up to control, tax and keep a lid on all of us.

This is my own guesswork and has nothing to do with any scientific investigation. However, I would argue for, and most of the things going on speaks for themselves, that this is pretty much accurate.


Internet must be a nightmare for politicians. Free movement of thought and information, free development of software and people educating themselves outside the government controlled curriculum. I hope that people take their kids out of schools and sit them in front of a computer at home instead. Better way of learning, more diverse information and they can see through the lies themselves. In addition to the free education and free information people can also find out where politicians live, what decisions they make and what affiliation they belong to. And even worse, before any oldie journalist have even understood what’s going on, any scandal or mistake made from the high and mighty will travel all over the globe and make their shortcomings obvious for everyone. This is probably 60% of the reason for the increasing fascism. And this is also the reason why journalists find internet a bit pesky, non-educated journalists doing a much better and faster job? Uhuh, cannot have that…

But problems with internet, in the eyes of the enemy class, doesn’t stop with the lack of control functions or the notion of people actually learning and understanding things, no, it is also a very hard place to tax. How do you impose taxation on papers, online education and journalism when everything can be done in other countries and only consists of ones and zeros floating around? The same goes for movies, CD’s and music which aren’t only a small income for artists and such; it’s also a source of income for government. If that kind of information can be uploaded and downloaded without control and taxation, government loses income and power. This is probably 20% of the reason for the increasing fascism.

Another pain in the arse for the powers that be is the increase in civil disobedience and the possibility of future insurrections. People gather online, make rendezvous, start unions or plan demonstration with almost pin-point accuracy. People have always done this, but with the free information flow citizens have it easier to find out where rallies are being held, what it’s about and how to get there so if you add this to the notion of understanding and finding out the truth from above, government have a potential growing adversary coming out of the existence of internet. But more to the point: the elitists can monitor such activity as easy as it emerges; all they need is legislation that allows them to do so. Moreover people can find things like hooded clothing, information how to make bombs or buy weapons online. Even if this later activity is very minimal, it’s still something that bugs our masters. This is probably the hardest part to put a percentage on because it varies much between countries, but mostly I would say it’s a 15% worry around this.

In essence the above in cooperation is the reason for even the most free-minded of our elected frauds to move into the shadowy confines of fascism. There is a last piece of the puzzle that does exist, but has very little (nothing) to do with above.

The last 5% is what they actually claim to want to do, namely catch criminals chase terrorists or find pedophiles. They know, as well as most of the rest of us know, that very few bad guys will be caught by these restrictions and laws - mostly they will only find kids downloading porn, families wanting to see the latest movie or a grandma writing positive things about Hitler. However, they need a “valid reason” for their totalitarian nightmare.

There are, of course, some idiots that actually believe in the notion of these laws being beneficial for kids or society; the few existing in this category are mainly indoctrinated anti-porno religious nuts or statism-loving maniacs. A not so small portion of the populace have also bought this lie, these are mainly government trusting lazy beer-bellies, people who don’t care what government does to them or politician wannabes. Although this is a generalization and that 5% probably is overkill, I do believe this to be true to a large degree.

And since all of the very scary things we are seeing today are only the beginning, I do suggest that we use some of that rebellion planning to place well formed packages of explosives under the parliament and start stringing up some of our officials. We cannot count on Swine Flu to knock out all of them... (This last part is how you make Intelligence agencies aware of your existence)

We may have a small reason to celebrate now and again, like the case of postponing incarceration without trial that could have come with EU negotiations on the Telecoms Package that sort of got stopped. However, such small temporarily victories are trickery in themselves. You may be fooled to believe that such laws have been stopped, they haven’t. There are always exceptions, and who in their right mind thinks it’s going to stop now? They will sooner rather than later introduce new legislation, add some exceptions or we forget to read the fine-print. Another possible way out for the power brokers is to redefine the definition of “terrorist” or, as the understanding says today member states can cut people of from the Internet without prior judicial procedure in situations of extreme national emergency. And what is “national emergency”? Who decides what that is and when such a situation arises? Yeah, that’s right…

And the whole situation kind of covers up the fact that such legislation shouldn’t exist in the first place. This is the real problem. Once they started to go down this path, nothing will stop them. Every law that passes, no matter how good it sounds right now, opens up the floor for interpretations, exceptions and new laws. A law is just an excuse for more bureaucracy and more laws, that’s always the case.

How long before they claim there is a loophole for pedophiles, terrorists and hackers that needs to be closed with additional legislation? How long before the founding for surveillance isn’t enough? How long before high-powered lobbyists bribes them into adding additional texts? How long before they claim a flu outbreak or heavy snowfall as being that of an “emergency”? The one thing you can always count on is the inventiveness of those that rule us in order to get what they want.

Mark my words, this is only the beginning.

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