Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Political-tunnel syndrome

Another example how completely out of touch the elitists are and how horrid the justice system works is the case of Per-Anders Pettersson in Sweden. This hero, one of the few left in the world, saved an old woman from a vicious attack and is now getting to pay damages as well as the luxury of getting thrown in jail. How about that?

Mr Pettersson noticed a woman getting savagely attacked, he took his jack and hit the assailant two times, as it were saved the females life. The criminal ended up in a hospital with cerebral damages, the poor sod. Laughable enough Swedish courts decided to sentence Mr Pettersson to one year imprisonment and SEK 50 000 in fines to be paid to… the attacker?

And even more hilarious, the actual criminal got away with; yeah you guessed it, not even a slap on the wrist. No prison-time, not even a slight reprimand.

I seldom get upset anymore, the powers that be cannot surprise me anymore. I’ve seen through all the trickery and scams, but this is a “burn down the courthouse”-kind of a situation.

I wonder why the woman didn't get thrown in jail for the crime of being strangled?

People cannot smoke without learning how "evil" it is, alcohol comes with warning labels and horrible taxes, we need to drive with seatbelts and the government sneak around and prod through every online movement. And according to the righteous that rule us we are all pedophiles as well as not mature enough to vote about the biggest change for the European Union since its start-up. All this at the same time as the elitists themselves perform gluttony, shine from greed and act out the rest of the sins all paid for with tax money.

When have you idiots out there had enough? How long are you going to bend over and take it like the raped bitches the elitists have changed you into?

And the powers that be shouldn’t really dismiss these sorts of things too lightly. Mr. Pettersson, just like me, is from a region in middle of Sweden called Dalarna. Pretty much every rebellion in the history of my birth nation, including the one that eventually formed the country back in the 16th century originated there. I don’t think this will be enough to spark another pitchfork run at the capital; however, this is another drop of water in that soon to be overfilled glass.

Something is really wrong in the world; I know what it is and what to do about it. When will you figure it out?


  1. For me, this all really boils down to one thing: the wealthier of the middle classes aren't hurting enough.

    The working / lower middle classes are still the ones losing their jobs (such is our management culture in the UK). They live in the kinds of compact areas where they can't do the gardening without being assaulted. They are the ones getting called "pedo" (and having the authorities believe the accusation) if they so much as look out of the window during school leaving time.

    At the moment, this type of middle classer is happy just writing comments in the online papers to get it out of their systems, before they go back to watching the X-Factor with their bonehead children or some poxy home improvement show. But when the shit hits the fan for them too, which it will, only then will we get people starting to make serious plans for revolution. I know as I tried it myself. I left a comment in the local paper online with my email address asking if anyone would like to meet up at a venue to discuss starting a protest of some kind (this was a couple of years ago). I got 29 replies from people saying "Yeah, sure, I'd love to come, just name the venue". Just three people turned up in the end, lost heart and went home. The others had all emailed back later saying they were too busy. Too busy to care about their own liberties in their own country, obviously.

    These people will be content in their ignorant bliss until their wallets and then their own liberties in the "gated communities" are being destroyed. And it WILL happen. There will be nobody else for the politicians to ruin. They just need someone of their own ilk to lead them.

    Then I'll get the popcorn.

  2. I almost fell in love with you. Always an extra heartbeat every time another one with brains pops up.

    By the way, I'll bring the vodka.

  3. Thank you kindly.

    I'm afraid we are a rare species. We were never asleep. We've been too busy waiting for others to wake up.

    They're still spending on gigantic plasma screen TV's, because the government says it's OK. But when they've got too much time to watch them, I hope and prey they'll join us for the battle when they're bored and poor. And I hope they haven't forgotten *how* to battle.

    Being a realist is almost safe.

  4. If we start the march from Gothenburg, you could meet us in Västerås. How 'bout burning Högsta Domstolen to the ground? "Remember, remember...".

    /Jacques Pot

  5. A long march, need to blow up some things on the way, possible burn some as well, its cold outside. Should be local courthouses to blow up, a couple of concils to burn and some local politicians to string up on route. Or maybe we can use that Vlad the Impaler thing?

  6. Right, got it, taking notes. We'll bring the sharpened stakes.

    /Jacques Pot