Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Political calisthenics

Another step towards the formation of the überstate of Europe was taken today and we can only wait for confirmation that the highly pressured Czech president Vaclav Klaus have signed the European Union's Lisbon Treaty. With this done one of the last remaining obstacles for our enemies have been eliminated and now the aerobicizing trickery really starts. The rush for the very well paid positions as puppets masters of Europe is a fun game for the elitists. In this little scheme they can make shadowy deals, mumble behind curtains, and make pacts that would make any reality show green from envy. In essence the very core of everything that is wrong with the world and consequently pure heaven for the powers that be.

If president Klaus have sign or soon will sign we have, among others, a new European Council president and a new foreign policy chief to be elected. As soon as the smoke from all the plotting for positions has cleared that is.

You can hear them can’t you?

“Give Xxxx Xxxx the position as foreign policy chief and we back your fascist internet proposal”.

“Help us win another exception from free trade and we vote for you as president”

“If you vote for me I promise to hire your next of kin as my chief of staff”

And this is the normal topics of discussions that we know goes on. No surprises here, but what about more potent threats and very hellish dealings? Oh, yeah, I do hear those as well…

“With me as president you’re set for life and those pesky Turkish Muslim idiots will never become members “

“A vote for me as Foreign policy chief will assure that our plan to introduce a new world currency will come to be very soon”

“My banking buddies have a very lucrative job for you a couple of years from now if you vote for me. By the way, there is a new Mercedes out in the parking lot, here’s the key”

To be honest, we don’t really know where this will end up or what the result will be, we may get lucky and things turns towards the positive side of things. However, the track-record and the seedy underbelly of bureaucracy that make up the core of Brussels speak for itself. Nothing good will ever come out of this and the best we can hope for is that the talk about “peace” holds for another decade or so. Oh, wait, aren’t there a couple of illegal wars going on in the Middle East? What was I thinking…?

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  1. Dont be so pessimistic Oracle! I am sure they can fix a position for you too, maybe as a secretary for the new President. Then you can expect to travel 200 days a year in a jetplane around the world and meet every important politician around the globe, consantly talking about the crisis almost as good as the guru himself Mr General Secretary of United Nations.

    Anyone who believs in that larger organizations will lead to better descisions should study General Motors carefully.